Jumpstart by Shana

Hey there, hi there, ho there! I’m Shana. I’m a mom, wife and veteran who is OVERLY ENTHUSIASTIC about helping you become a better and more awesome version of the cool self you already are. I’ve been into nutrition and fitness my entire adult life but in the last five years I’ve made is my passion and my own journey has left me 50 pounds lighter with more energy and more confidence to tackle all the wonderful things life has to offer.

My client is the woman who has been busy taking care of others or busy building a career (or some other noble effort) and hasn’t been putting herself first. She needs someone to believe in her and motivate her to take care of herself so she can keep forging ahead in her own special and unique way. My client gets someone who believes in them and encourages them daily to meet the goals they set for themselves. I believe getting your health & fitness together is not only necessary for you to get the most out of life but it is almost ALWAYS a catalyst for continued awesomeness in your life. Setting goals, working hard at them and then getting results is one of the things that makes HUMANS happy. So, let’s do it.

I help my clients in a few different ways. I use the 21 Day Fix to coach folks on nutrition and fitness. It’s a great Beachbody program that SIMPLIFIES nutrition and fitness to make it achievable and SUSTAINABLE for everyone. I lead online accountability groups where the positive energy and encouragement is on full speed.

I teach PIYO (pilates & yoga & cardio) at the YMCA twice a week. PIYO is a Beachbody workout created by Chalene Johnson that uses your body to sculpt your body. It’s always a challenge but you’ll leave feeling strong and accomplished each day.

I also provide personal training services at my home and at the YMCA. Many times folks need that one on one service based on their schedules, their level of fitness and other factors. I aim to please and to get you results.

So, how can I help you? I am OVERLY ENTHUSIASTICALLY ready to help you meet your goals.

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Here’s my WHY…why do I help people?