NO crappy carbs after 2

When I started down the road to where I am now I walked into my now friend, then trainer, Kristen’s office to get weighed, taped and measured. It wasn’t pretty! I remember her saying, “No alcohol, this means no beer or wine.” Then during my first workouts with her I listened to how she ate and did life (no processed foods, no gluten, no sugar, no dairy) and I was just like 😳.
I knew all of that would not work for me, at least not at first. I knew I wouldn’t 1) want to and 2) be able to maintain that.
So, I tried one thing at a time.
The first thing I tried was no crappy carbs after 2 p.m.
So…your body needs carbs and some carbs are good for you. But your body breaks down crappy carbs (soda, candy, sugar, white pasta, white bread, French fries, chips, etc) basically immediately into sugar…which is converted to energy. However, unless you’re about to go run a half marathon there IS NO WAY your body will use that much energy.
So it’s immediately stored as fat. That’s right. Every time you eat sugary crap and crappy carbs it is almost always turned into fat. Immediately.
Not fair not fair not fair not faaaaiiiirrrrr!
So, if you eat bread with breakfast or pasta at lunch you might have a chance at using that much energy before your body stores it as fat. But if you eat them crappy carbs after 2, there’s pretty much no way that you’ll use that much energy.
NOW, you’ve heard all that noise about whole grain and quinoa and sweet potatoes. The difference here is that these carbs take longer for your body to digest/process and they typically have some added nutritional value/fiber and therefore do not immediately equal fat. Same goes for fruits and veges which are, btw, carbs! But they come with their own fiber and nutrients and minerals and such so these are 👍👍👍 along with beans and other such things.
So that’s my number one tip if you’re interested. No crappy carbs (and sugars) after 2 p.m. Instead, eat proteins and veges. Pork chops and green beans, salmon and asparagus, meatballs and marinara, chicken and broccoli casserole, Vege/beef soup, steak and sweet potato…the list goes on and on!!!
Let me know if this makes any sense to you and/or if you decide to try it!

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