Reducing shoulder pain/pressure

Many people struggle with shoulder pain or tight shoulders in general. For some reason, we are almost clenching/hunching our shoulders and looking down. Whether we reading, on our phone, at a desk or taking care of a child, it seems like that upper body stays under a lot of stress. Here are three quick exercises you can do to relieve some pressure and get a free snap, crackle & pop that other people pay good money for!

Tomorrow we will look at actual exercises you can do to strengthen your upper body which will help you as well!

Let’s look at the equipment first. 
A foam roller and a tennis ball will set you back about $11 or so. And they are available at your nearest Wally World. They are great tools for stretching, popping, reducing soreness. They also double as great kid/dog toys. Whether you want them to or not.

For the first exercise, cross your arms over your chest and roll your shoulders onto the roller. Rock back and forth for at least a minute.
Don’t go further up than where your neck meets your shoulders. Don’t go further down than midway down your back.

Next we are going to lay on the foam roller lengthwise.

Your spine is resting down the length of the foam roller, arms are loosely draped at your sides. Give your head a little support but enough to let it hang back off the roller a bit. You can put a pillow under for extra support. Here you’re just holding this position and letting your chest open up at your back and shoulders relax. If you picture it, this position is allowing your body to relax in the opposite way you ask it to hunch all day. It’s a nice relief!!

Now on to the tennis ball. Sometimes you have an awesome person in your life who is willing to find that knot and help you out. Other times you don’t. Or in my case/Chandler from Friends’ case  you tread lightly because they have freakish strength. The tennis ball can help us!
There are a lot of fancy muscle names and such to describe where the good trigger point is back there. You are aiming for right inside of your shoulder blade at the top. You’ll feel it because you’ll say “ohhhhh.” Move around on it with small, minute movements. You can fan your arms out like you’re making a snow angel. Make sure to hit the other side. You can also move it up to the top of your shoulder muscle where people typically start massage you and do the same, move around just a bit!

Let me know how those worked out for you!

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