Clean microwave in 10 minutes

I have convinced myself that all household chores take five minutes. It may or may not be true. However, if I say it’s only going to take five minutes, my lazy butt is less likely to make excuses not to do any given chore. So, laundry takes five minutes. Dishes take five minutes. And, here, cleaning the microwave takes five minutes. 
But it says 10 minutes! Yes, I’m so sneaky. And a lot of the time chores do creep out of the five minute zone into FOREVER but then you’re already half way there, so you might as well keep going.

Yes, these are the mental games I have to play with myself in order to get the things done around the house that need to get done. Here’s hoping you’re slightly less crazy.

Anyway, back to the microwave. It IS only five minutes because the water is doing most of the work for six minutes while its heating up.

So, here are the steps. Prepare for five minutes of glory.

  • Heat at least four cups of water in aglass  bowl/measuring cup in your microwave for six minutes.
  • Take water out, wipe microwave down with a towel or paper towel or rag or sponge or WHATEVER.
  • Dip towel in hot water as needed for tough/stuck on stains and food.
  • Step back, revel in your awesomeness and the pretty/shiny.

Yes, you can squeeze some lemon juice in there. Yes, you can add some vinegar for disinfecting/deodorizing purposes. But you don’t HAVE to. It is a microwave after all, the one million degrees it heats everything at probably disinfects it. And kills odors. And if you’re like me, you don’t ALWAYS have lemon/vinegar at the ready. But do add both/either if you’re concerned about those two particular things.

Booms done, five minutes and you have a clean microwave. Take a picture of your hard work and send it to someone who (doesn’t really) cares.

Bonus: Use hot water for 5 minute mopping.

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