Roasted chicken & veges

Good morning! Check out last night’s dinner and today’s lunch. I roast a chicken each week to have leftovers for lunches and such…I think I’m going to start having to do two at once the way these hungry hippos eat.
I love fresh vegetables but here I’ve used frozen and roasted everything for an hour or so. I’ve done lots of research on frozen veges. There is a lot of back and forth but just understand eating vegetables is the goal and try not to stress too much about the rest (resist canned as much as time/budget allows though). 

It’s really easy to roast a chicken! Rub/spray with olive oil and your herbs of choice (I use Herbes De Provence). Then stuff it with some cut up onions and apples. Roast at 400 for 30 minutes. Take out, baste with oil again. Add in veges all around, spray and season accordingly. Cook for another 30-45 minutes or so.


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