Every body has a challenge

Every body has a challenge is one of my favorite catch phrases.

In 2012 I moved to the Sunshine State about 40 pounds (if I’m being generous) overweight and seriously pale and out of shape.

We had just moved here in this photo. Hard to tell but there are several chins going on there. And there certainly is not any of the rest of my body in the picture. On purpose.  

Where I live now-5 miles to toes in sand-fitness and caring about your appearance is very IN. It certainly wasn’t in Alaska. I wore a hoodies, sweats and snow boots EVERYWHERE. Jeans if I was feeling fancy.

Typical Alaska outfit, sub flip flops for snow boots. Wore it once in Florida.

Here,it’s nearly year-
round short/tank top weather. Plus, the heat and humidity we see here make it MISERABLE to be carrying around all of that extra baggage. I actually implemented a no-denim-in-July rule.

So, short story long, I started working out at the YMCA. It’s a great place for moms because they offer childcare, it’s affordable as well as a much more welcoming environment than you’ll find at other testosterone-driven gyms.

I started going to classes and generally getting better with my fitness. At some point I met my saving grace, Kristen. She taught some classes at the YMCA but she was also hosting a “Body Challenge.” I had no idea what that really meant but I knew for sure my body needed a challenge.

October 2013 I’d shed a little Alaska weight but I still had a way to go.

I was ready to start getting in shape.

My “beach body” in 2013, almost a year after moving to Florida.

So when I started the three month body challenge with about seven other women, I noticed something peculiar. I was the most overweight and even the most out of shape.

Is this the skinny girl club? Can I join?

At first I would just laugh (RUDE) at these women who would pinch a quarter inch of fat here or there when talking about their goals.

I’d point to myself and say it could be worse! I got to know these ladies through sweat sessions and it dawned on me…they were here working JUST as hard, often HARDER, with what seemed to me to be less incentive. What was that about?


I was so fortunate to meet and get to know these amazing ladies.

It comes down to that catch phrase-Every body has a challenge. We are our own worst critics. That’s for sure. But we are also more in tune with our bodies and have the right to improve them as we see fit. And that should absolutely be respected and admired.

We all have our areas of genetic awesomeness (apparently mine is my legs) and areas we wish were more awesome (mid section). My current challenge, 40 pounds later, is seeing what that awesome mom, stretch-marky area will look like at my goal weight and what all I can do about it without opting for surgery. That’s my problem area-I AIN’T little in the middle. Others don’t love their legs or their arms or their hair or their skin or WHATEVER. Still others long for MORE definition in any given area while my calves double in size without working them out.

Now that I’m a few pounds away from my overall goal I have a whole host of new issues. #skinnygirlprobs I joke because I’m not skinny. But I definitely feel a million times skinnier! More than that, I have the utmost respect and compassion for those in the gym that seem like they “should be done.”


Embrace imperfection. And go to the beach.

The trick is to recognize and appreciate what you do have-I assure you others do-while working to improve, but not obsessing, over what you want to change-I assure you others don’t even notice.

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