The Mommy Curve

Here’s another Shana catch phrase: the mommy curve. Having come out on the other side of it, I’m quite familiar with the mommy curve.

It starts off nice and innocent. We’re young and (typically) unhappy with our bodies-at the very least we take them for granted. But we’re young so whatever. Am I right?

Now for some of us the mommy curve starts when birth control starts. Make no mistake, that wreaks havoc with your hormones and starts a domino effect. 

Then we get the news…happy happy joy joy, it’s a baby boy! Or a baby girl, but that didn’t rhyme. Now, some people love being pregnant and all the power to those people. That’s great and awesome. I DID NOT love being pregnant. I did it for the end game!

Anyway, while we’re busy being annoyed with things like acid reflux and sugar tests and blood pressure tests and all the freaking tests, that little bundle of joy is actually wreaking havoc on our bodies. LOVE THEM, but they are WRECKING our bodies…taking all of our nutrients and minerals, sapping our energy, spreading our hips, somehow making us gain unfathomable amounts of weight (or was that the McDonald’s cheeseburgers, not sure?), stretching our skin out. LOVE THEM. We may not even notice all of these things because we have goo goo eyes! As we should, as it should be. 


Early Mommy curve.
Next, we are busy trying to get with the program. People differ on their opinion on which number kid was the most difficult to adjust to: the first, the second, the third. For me it was absolutely the first. At that point, I was an only child with ZERO experience with babies or kids or pretty much anything.

WAKE UP CALL. You’re looking out for someone else every moment of the day, you’re putting someone else’s needs before yours every moment of the day.

As it should be.

However, again, it goes unnoticed what our bodies are being put through. We’re barely able to get a shower let alone proper nutrition and sleep. If we’re nursing the babes, again they are sapping anything we’re putting in our bodies. But, it’s all for a good cause and we’re in a haze. At least in the beginning, it’s just about surviving.


And we do. And we conquer it. And we’re amazing-at least in their eyes! And the kids are still alive. And they’re welcome thank you very much.

But, at some point we notice what our bodies have been put through. At some point, when we get a moment to ourselves, we notice that nothing fits right. That we’re still tired even though everyone is sleeping through the night. That there are a lot of weird creaks and general discomforts. We notice that that baby weight is still there and while we SHOULD give ourselves grace, there does come a time where it’s time to confront it. We notice that we’re not super motivated to do much. We notice that we forgot what our own hobbies were.

In this part of the mommy curve there can typically be a lot of fits and starts. We really want to do something but we’re not sure what. We try something and then…someone gets sick or baseball season starts or a vacation comes around. So we continue to have that uneasiness. To carry around extra weight which equals less confidence, less energy and we might even feel constantly drained. We continue to put everyone else first and we can feel the toll it’s taken.

Still on the mommy curve.
This is an important part of the mommy curve. It’s the time when we come to terms with the fact that we’ve been giving, giving, giving. Now maybe we’re ready to do something for ourselves.
What WOULD it be like to have some of that confidence back that we used to have?

What WOULD it be like to have more energy?

What WOULD it be like to take a “selfish” moment for ourselves and chase OUR dreams and OUR goals?

What would it be like to have the body I used to have to make my body the best it could be?


Coming down the other side of the mommy curve. Line in sand.
That’s when we draw a line in the sand. We decide that no one is going to magically come along and say, “Hey there pretty mama, let me take care of all of your responsibilities for an hour or so and you just go do you okay?” It’s when we say, well no one else is going to put my well being first, but I will. I will take care of myself because it will make me better at taking care of everyone else.

So, we woman up, we put on our big girl panties and we get after it.


THIS is my favorite part. THIS is when you see those amazing mamas pushing their babes in strollers. THIS is when you see women rediscover their hobbies, their passions. THIS is when you see those mamas throw out the junk food out all at once. This is when you see the friend that “hated running” finish her first 5K, 10K or Half marathon. THIS is when you see mamas take back the driver’s seat to their destiny.

Maybe it sounds corny, but it’s a thing. Sometimes it’s like a veil has been lifted.

This point in the curve is also when you see inches slowly melt off-because these mamas have figured out that consistency (both nutrition and exercise) are the key to success-not some gimmick or another. They have figured out that real, whole food is good for them AND their families. That’s when you see them making great new #healthyhabits because they are in tune with their bodies now. They are figuring all that stuff out about their hormones and inflammation and so forth…those babies did a number on us, believe me!

But the best part is that’s when you see the confidence come back. That’s when you see the woman they used to be shine through a little more. That’s when you hear their real hopes and dreams. Because once you achieve something the older you didn’t think was possible, the sky is the limit. Success is addictive.

What’s really cool is you (their friend, their loved one) KNEW they could do it. You saw the totally, amazingly capable, smart, tough woman that they were…they just had to chisel her back out after a few years of focussing so intensely on others.

I am a firm believer that this is why running and Crossfit and just general fitness have dramatically increased with our demographic. We are SO SUPER TOUGH. There’s a lot on our shoulders, there’s a lot we do without batting an eyelash. It carries over to other areas of our lives if we just believe in ourselves. Trust me on that one!

The mommy curve is about evening out after the physical (our bodies) and mental (self-love is okay) shock becoming a mom put on us. Just like motherhood, however, we will master it. We will come out on top and we will #handleit!



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