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Five Fast Foods for the 21 Day Fix

If you’re in a hurry or feeling unmotivated, here are five “just assembly required” meals. Enjoy!


Cucumber Tomato Salad: Add 1 green each of tomatoes and cucumbers and 1/2 green each of cilantro and diced onions with 2 tsp each of olive oil and white vinegar. Divide in half, store in fridge to marinate. 💚💚


Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich. 💛💛💜🍴

Image source.
Avocado, deli turkey, spinach, tomato wrap. (ditch 3 pieces of turkey for 2 pieces of turkey bacon for a little perk) ❤️💚💛🍊


Tuna salad: Mix 2 5oz tuna cans (drained), 1 tbsp greek yogurt, 1 TBsp mustard, 1 medium red bell pepper, 1/4 cup onion minced, dill & celery salt for seasoning. Serve on lettuce or bottom half of a tomato. Divide in half. ❤️💚🍴

Image source.
Whole wheat pita, hummus & grapes. 💛💜🍊



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