(Just in case you didn’t already know ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป)

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Sugar is evil. I know there’s million of reasons to love sugar-I KNOW- but I want you to know why it sucks. I’m not telling you this because I never want you to eat sugar again. I just want you to be armed with knowledge that will make it easier to just say no. I am primarily taking about added/refined sugar here. This doesn’t mean what comes with nature-apple, carrots, etc. If it is added in, it’s wrong. 

It automatically equals fat. In most cases, when you consume sugar your body will not be able to burn the energy it equals and therefore your liver turns it in to fat. No really. You might use the sugar in an apple if you go for a run. But that ice cream, soda, or even a simple peanut butter and jelly is going to turn into fat with the possible exception of you running a marathon.  #mathsciencefacts


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It depresses your immune system. I want you to visualize ingesting sugar the way they try to get you to think about smoking. As soon as you ingest it, it’s awful for your body and the longer you go without, the better your body recovers. When you ingest refined sugar it absorbs nutrients you got from other stuff (because it has none) and uses it for breaking down and such. It also elbows out Vitamin C (they are similarly structured) and kills your white blood cells’ ability to do their job…which by the way is to destroy harmful bacteria/germs. So, every time you ingest refined sugar you’re saying, “I don’t need my immune system for a few hours, I’m good to go.” And how often do you eat sugar? How about your kids? Does it seem crazy that sometimes we go all day without a fully functioning immune system? No Bueno. #mathsciencefacts

It causes disease. I think we are all aware by now that sugar leads to type II diabetes. But excessive sugar (most of us consume excessive amounts EVERYDAY) can also lead to other diseases including heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, liver disease and even cancer. Don’t forget about the cavities! #mathsciencefacts

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It’s a drug. You get a high and you crash from sugar. It’s also as addictive as cocaine. If you haven’t noticed, cut it out cold turkey. You even have withdrawals when you go without-they might sneak up on you disguised as “I just need something to satisfy my sweet tooth” or “I worked really hard, I deserve this treat” or “This day sucked, I need something to make me feel better.”  Scientifically speaking, you get the dopamine release when you consume sugar. Then eventually, just like a crack addict, that releases comes from the anticipation of the drug. In fact, prolonged over-ingestion of sugar reveals the same picture of your brain “on drugs.” #mathsciencefacts

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It’s added in everything. What if we were secretly being poisoned or coaxed into addiction by food producers? I mean that’s crazy crazy crazy talk right? But let me challenge you to this…go find up a “food” product in a bottle or a boxy hat doesn’t have added sugar. You will be hard pressed, I promise. It attacks you at every meal of the day. Breakfast: Creamer, yogurt, cereal, energy bar (even healthy ones), milk, juice, bread, sausage (WHY?!?!), bacon (Noooooo). Lunch: Salad dressing, ketchup, jelly, peanut butter, pasta, deli meat, pita bread. Dinner: Pasta/pizza sauce, soup, tortillas, beans, bbq sauce. Pretty much if you didn’t make it, it has sugar. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป When I first started trying to eat better I would look at the labels on the store while shopping-I specifically remember shouting “WHY does ___ need sugar in it?” I wasted a lot of time crying at the store. Don’t be like me. 


It’s not worth your money. You get zero nutritional value from sugar. Worse, it’s kind of like poison to your body. And we are paying for that!!! Worse, it’s definitely linked to all kinds of chronic diseases which means you’ll be paying for it eventually again-at the doctors office. 

Okay so if that was not news to you, great. If it was, I am so sorry to have crushed your cake and ice cream dreams. 

A few years ago I was working out and eating much better, yay! They happened to be doing free health prescreens at the Y that day. I got mine done-after working out-and was shocked to see that my blood sugar levels were high. Then I thought about it and realized I was drinking coffee creamer (2T = 12g) and eating this “healthy” cereal (1/2C = 12g) for breakfast. I was quadruple over what our bodies can handle a day (6g) before lunch!!!!!

It’s a learning curve, it really is. That was a few months after I’d texted my friend/trainer a picture of the beans I wanted to eat with dinner were sugary. The were brown sugar and maple beans! Talk about a blonde moment. 

So reduce your sugar. Pick your reason–you need an immune system, you don’t want to be addicted to something, you don’t want disease, you don’t want more fat hanging around or even you just want a better value for your dollar. 

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