Full body kiddo workout

If you’re ever struggling to fit it all in a workout that your kids this is just playing is a great way to “have it all.”

It works out that my kids are all three years apart and different weights. We have a 60 pounder, a 35 pounder and a 20 pounder, give and take. Perfect for a full body workout, especially if you add in a game of tag (sprints) after.

I used Zach for leg press. Sure, I can do a heavier weight at the gym but that is in a controlled environment. When you add the stabilization required and up your reps, you’re good to go! Balance the kiddo (airplane) and lower your knees all the way down to your chest, then press up! Enjoy the hamstring stretch at the top too.

Melanie was great for bench press. Typically, I rep 65-90 so we just have to adjust accordingly. Again, the stabilization is a nice enhancement here. So is that beatutiful Durty-Dancing pose that I didn’t even instruct. You could even add a bridge (hip thrust) as you push up.

Finally lil’ Ayla got tossed around like a Kettlebell for my Russian Twist. Take your legs to a bicycle motion as you go back and forth for a bit extra.

Do 20 reps of each, two-four times through. Finish with a ten minute game of tag and you have a nice little workout with LOTS of giggles.


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