Creating the margin

I meant to write this post like…SUNDAY. Today is Wednesday. But there was no margin!

Huh? Margin, say what? Sunday’s message at church was about creating a margin so that you can BREATHE and ENJOY life. So many of us are rushing around from this thing to that thing to the next thing that life just flies by and we are exhausted at the end of the day. But worse than that, we aren’t really getting to ENJOY each and every moment we are given here on earth with all of these people we love. And that’s lame. Super lame.

I am SO SUPER susceptible to this because I like to do all the things and as my husband likes to remind me-I’m almost incapable of saying no. But I’m working on all of it right, add it to my list!

A few years ago my friend laughed at me when I said I’d never be as busy as her. She has like a million kids and I watched her gracefully juggle doing all the cool things with them all the time. Well now I have a million kids and the tables have turned.

In fact, I had to get used to having three kids with my husband gone last year. And being the slight ridiculous control freak I am, I really struggled in the beginning of mother-of-three-hood. Lots of struggle later, I found what works for me.

  1. I bulk the workloads.
    • I do a MAJOR cleaning session Monday and Friday. I’m kind of laughing because it’s not that major. But I do reset the weekend clutter, clean the bathrooms, sweep & mop and fully wipedown the kitchen. But only on Monday and Friday. It ends up being about an hour maybe an hour and half of work.
    • I ONLY do laundry on Wednesday and Sunday. I do it all at once, I finish it all and I say screw you laundry, I’ll see you in a few days. Pairing down the ridiculous amount of clothes we have (Kon Mari style OR 7 of each style, pick your fancy) AND making the kids/dad rewear pajamas (duh, but this was something we had to train) three days in a row has helped.
    • Last but DEFINITELY NOT least-I meal prep. Lots of people do this now, so it’s not something super new. But still others say, “I don’t have time to meal prep.” HAH! You don’t have time NOT to meal prep if you’re that busy. I have a meal prep post over here for specifics but let me just say…meal prep means most of your cooking, most of your planning, most of your dishes and most of your clean up is done in ONE FELL SWOOP. So…i’m no longer rushing to make lunches or breakfasts each day. I’m not having a huge load of dishes at night because I make every dinner from scratch. I’m not wondering at 5 p.m. what we’re going to have for dinner. I PROMISE it’s a time/sanity saver.
    • No brain work involved all week for lunch!
  2. I make time in the absence of time.
    • Last year my word was Thrive…I wanted everyone to thrive and get better and be awesome. For my son, that meant taking up piano lessons. He loves it and he is pretty good at it. HOWEVER-it was a weekly, scheduled, had to be somewhere-collect papers-added expense-with a new baby thing. Needless to say, it drove me crazy. I can’t even explain why…but I had to go somewhere everyday at 3 and that stressed me out. SO, I decided to see it as a gift of 30 minutes. In the beginning my friend and her daughter would be there so it was 30 minutes of catching up and play time. So that was cool. Other times it provided the small time I needed for a quick trip to Walmart. Other times I’ve managed, somehow, to catch a few winks of sleep. Anyway, I see that 30 minutes of time as a block that I can accomplish something-even if it’s just one-on-two with my daughters. Now the middle rascal has gymnastics on Thursdays so I use that hour to practice PIYO, go for a run, chase Ayla and visit with friends I probably wouldn’t see otherwise. What a winning combination!
    • Yesterday at gymnastics inspent half the time practicing piyo/studying and half playin withthese cuties.
  3. I schedule the margin.
    • 2:30 p.m. is quiet time for the entire family. Believe it or not, I typically catch a 20 minute nap/siesta at this time of day. But it’s scheduled and everyone knows it! It’s part of our routine. And everyone needs that security, the known downtime-especially my 7 year old who has such a ridiculous schedule from school.
    • I need a moment to myself in the morning before I have to put on my cape and be super mom. I remember throwing a FIT when I realized I would have to get up to get Zach to the bus stop at 6:20 a.m. regardless of the sleeping schedule my new baby had given me. Yes, a fit. But now I’ve embraced the madness so much that I typically get up at 5 a.m. so I can have some quiet time/me time before Zach gets up at 5:30. It’s a game changer, I promise that!
    • Here’s the BIG kicker that I learned-maybe everyone else already knew it-last year. I now allow for a LOT of pre-go prep time. So, if we need to leave at 9 we start getting ready at 8. Everyone gets dressed, presentable, gathers what they need to go and-curveball!-cleans/resets the house a bit before we leave. I really try to have as much buffer between events/leaving/going as possible because I was tired of saying “hurry up” and I know I am NOT NICE when I’m in a hurry.
  4. Embrace the margin. I think the margin is where life really happens. Where time stands still (how long have we been playing hide and go seek?), where we can enjoy all that we’ve created and worked hard for.


Best wishes finding that margin! And as always-practice giving yourself grace! You’re doing great, you are enough!! 😘😘😘

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