This morning I asked my challenge group this question:

What excites you most about reaching your ultimate health and fitness goal?
Do you know how many people said, “Reaching XXX on the scale.” Uh, none. Because that’s not what it’s about is it? Numbers are kind of good for tracking progress and even keeping us honest. But they are NOT the end game.
There are lots of different answers to that question. Improving your health, feeling confident, improving your self-esteem and setting a good example for your family. All great, all important.
I didn’t realize the thing I was most excited about until it happened one day. I just knew I wanted to lose weight, get off my meds and not have to extend my arms OUT with my natural arm swing. šŸ˜¦
But one magical day it all came together. This picture is indicative of that moment.
Emerald Coast Mud Run 2014
This picture was taken in 2014. I was about six weeks pregnant. UpĀ until that point, this was probably the best shape I’d been in my entire life. The Mud Run is a 5k through the woods with a bunch of ridiculous obstacles in between. I remember driving there like, ugh, did I really sign up for this? LOL But once Jess and I got matching outfits things vastly improved.
This moment in my life was pretty amazing-Amazing family, I had a cool job, surrounded by awesome friends, ready to go into a pregnancy knowing I had control over how I felt/how my body responded.
BUT! The defining moment was when I ran up a wall and hoisted myself over it using just my upper body strength and apparent agility (um, what?).
That was such an amazing moment.
I remember back to a confidence course (worst name ever) that I did about 4 years into being in the Air Force. I freaking FELL down a pole (instead of sliding) and rolled my ankle. I was overweight but mostly I was just SOĀ out of shape.
So, here I was full circle. Wearing pink, NOT camo. Side braids NOT a bun. Strong and capable-not weak and helpless. Knowing I could recruit my muscles to do stuff that was legitimately hard was pretty cool-still is! I like being strongā€¦and not being afraid of a workout or activity!
I still remember the look in the guys face as I hopped over-Thanks anyway!Ā No, I don’t need an arm up. I’ve got this.
I also remember thinking about people who ran and stopped to do other stuff and then ran again. I was all-I will NEVER do that. Running is hard enough-let alone stopping and starting! Worst idea ever.
Well, I don’t even know if my heart rate ever elevated from the running. It was just that easy for me.
I’m not saying any of this to brag. I am saying it because hard work DOES pay off. Magic pills don’t exist. But hard work, grit and self-love will allow you to achieve those goals and become the best version of yourself.
What is it that excites you about the journey toward and then achieving your fitness goals?
I’d love to help you meet your fitness goals-there’s lots of ways I can do that. Email me if you’re interested.
If you want to join our Mud Run team this year, let me know! We have a team discount!

One thought on “#excited

  1. Haha this is such a great post. It makes me happy and I think it’s because I did a mudrun and know how much fun it is! I love the fact you shocked a guy – that’s my aim in life. I would like to think I’m almost there when I was lifting heavier than the guys in the class…that was pretty amazing! x



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