May Beachbody Promotions


This month is all about Shaun T. Cize & Insanity challange packs are on sale. If you’re looking to get resutls, to change it up, these could be your ticket. You’ll be in my accoutability group too and we’ll meet those goals together!



Would you rather dance than workout? Turn your next dance party into a workout with the latest fitness craze from celebrity trainer Shaun T! Challenge pack comes with a 30-day-supply of Shakeology, Shaun T’s new “End of Exercise” dance workouts and my accountability group! Click here to buy! Click here to add in a Kickstart with the 3 day refresh!




Insanity is all about giving it all you’ve got for 30 minutes a day. If you want to lose weight, tone up & improve your performance, this is the way to go! A good choice for men folk as well. And there’s a low-impact modifier if you need that too! Click here to buy.  If you want to add in refresh!




What is refresh?

Kickstart Challenge Packs include the 3-Day Refresh to help customers get the extra nutritional edge they need to kickstart their nutrition and fitness. It is recommended that the 3-day Refresh is done prior to starting the fitness program, but it can be done at any time.

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