Shakeology pricing

Here are the most common Shakeology questions I get!

What makes Shakeology special:

Most people won’t believe it until they try it. That’s fine. I’m not a saleswoman. But once they try it they notice they feel better, they have less cravings and they are regularly going to the bathroom! 😂

Shakeology is NOT just a protein shake. It has so many freaking vitamins and nutrients and prebiotics and probiotics and amino acids and digestive enzymes and superfoods and WHATEVER. It’s an amazing product and it works. So I let that speak for itself. 

Why Shakeology?-watch this video

Shakeology costs $129.95 for a 30 serving bag or 24 packets. (Challenge packs come for as little at $10 more, might as well!)

What’s in Shakeology?-watch this one too


Honestly everyone has their preference. I didn’t like vanilla or strawberry. I haven’t tried Greenberry or Cafe latte. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE-like crazy love-the chocolate. But I have customers that order every flavor. 

Bags or packets:

You actually get more for your dollar with the bags. I tried going to the packets because I thought it would be easier. I realized I could make my own bags though! The good think about the packets is that you can get a variety pack and try different flavors out. 


Discounts, Coupons, Etc…

The only way to get discounts on Shakeology is by becoming a coach. They have what you call a “discount coach.” There is a one time $39 sign up fee but that is waived if you sign up as a coach with a challenge pack. Afterward, you get a 25% discount on products-includi Shakeology- but you have a $15 coach fee. (I’m so sorry about all the complexity, it’s not that hard I promise). The bottom line is you save $16 a month off of your Shakeology. 

If you are military or a military spouse you can get that fee waived and you save $30 a month. All you need are orders or a DD 214. 

Home Direct Auto Ship

Home direct auto shop reduces your shipping costs by $10. You can cancel or delay shipments at any time. 
Order now!

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