Foam rolling

SMR is part of my daily routine and I’ve made it part of a routine for my clients. I started doing it years before I was a personal trainer. Why?!Self-myofascial release (SMR/foam rolling) is uniquely awesome and is a fancy name for “massage your muscles using this foam thingy like a massage therapist would do but way more awkwardly but also cheaper-ly.”

It focuses on applying pressure to the fascia (fibrous tissue surrounding muscles) where all these tiny little knots are formed. Yes knots, like you’ve heard. Rolling a tender/sore spot for 60 seconds or more will activate things and relax things neurologically speaking that you will FEEL. You’ll immediate feel less tense and you’ll be addicted. I’m just sayin’. SMR is good to do right before a workout, when you’re hanging with the kids, before going to bed or while you’re watching your favorite show.

I encourage you to grab a foam roller and give it a try! Remember, at least 60 seconds!

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