How to host a 21 Day Fix party

I decided to have a 21 Day Fix party at my home for three reasons:

  1. I had a lot of new challenges with questions and I thought it would be a good way to answer them all at once and set everyone up for success.
  2. I keep getting invited to all these other parties (Thirty One, LulaRoe, Pampered Chef, etc) and figured I could learn something from that business model.
  3. My husband was going to play poker and I thought it’d be fun to have a girl’s night.

First thing’s first: Do NOT overthink this. Do NOT overcomplicate this. If you do you’ll feel paralyzed and you won’t be successful. Get your mind right. Your goal is to explain the program and show folks some things YOU’VE learned about healthy eating/habits. And also drink wine. It’s very simple. Keep it that way.


Use a Facebook event to invite anyone remotely interested that you’re willing to have in your home!! Make sure you keep it light and let them know you’re going to have fun! Allow them to invite their friends. Have it at a convenient time in relation to bedtime/spouse babysitting.

Make sure to send a personal message, don’t just add folks. I hate that!! Post I. The event several times beforehand to garner interest and help them remember.


 I chose to offer “appetizers” by selecting one item from each of the container lists. Ideas:

  • Green: veggies with Greek yogurt ranch dip.
  • Purple: I made a fruit salad but you could have a fruit platter as well.
  • Red: I made Shakeology shots. They sell teeny little solo cups that are so cute AND they are red!! So cool. I used my favorite recipe with banana & peanut butter. You could also make deviled eggs. I also made chocolate mousse using yogurt and shakeo for dessert.
  • Yellow: Whole grain crackers and I made homemade tortilla chips by toasting whole wheat tortillas.
  • Blue: I went crazy here and had hummus, guacamole and almonds.
  • Orange: I set out olives but you could also put seeds!

I also chose to demonstrate cooking & meal prepping g 21 Day Fix style with two recipes.

  • Mexican quinoa casserole: I measured all ingredients using the containers. It also gave me the opportunity to explain what types of carbs are best and even that you should eat them earlier in the day. It’s also a FAST, EASY recipe to give folks hope it won’t be super difficult. I also showed them how to store it for meal prep. We ate this for dinner!
  • Salad: This gave me the opportunity to show how to meal prep salads and shredded chicken. And they tasted the 21 Day Fix dressing! We also ate this for dinner!

 Wine: People will do anything if you give them wine. And it’s 21 Day Fix Approved!!

Prizes: I offered a Mary Kay gift bag, meal prep containers and a foam roller for door prizes. I used my Shakeology “shaker cup” as the hat to pull names from. Funny huh? Oops, no picture.

Other things I did:

  • I went live! Duh.
  • I talked about how to meal prep for kids & husbands since they have different needs.
  • I bought everything just because it was the first time. But you could easily have folks sign up to bring something by having them choose from a list you make and post in the group. It would save a lot of money! I’ll do that next time.

What I didn’t do that I wanted to:

  • Have them make sample menus using the food lists. My printer broke so it didn’t work.
  • Have them use food tracker while they are there just to get the hang of it.
  • Make them check in/ go live for an extra chance to win prizes.
  • Play that phone headband game or crimes against humanity.
  • Go through each of my personal tips I’d pre written out.
  • Hand out shakeo booklets.
  • Have my tv screensaver scroll through fitspiration quotes.

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