The vicious diet cycle

Check out the diet cycle. You start a diet-whatever it is. You’re so ready to just do this and you find yourself killing it those first two weeks!! But the real truth is that you’ve reduced your calories and you’ve added more need for nutrition (exercise). Eventually your body sends signals that’s this ain’t gonna work. Most often those show up as cravings for al that stuff you “gave up.” There is a LOT of science that goes into that that is super fascinating to me but essentially those cravings equal nutrition deficiencies. Your body is calling out for more nutrition!! This is because you could eat vegetables all day long and you wouldn’t meet your nutritional needs for the day. Really. Super unfair, but super true. So that’s why THIS program works so well. We are cutting that awful pattern out with two simple EXTRAS.
1) 🍯Shakeology. It’s not just a protein shake. It’s got all of these very specifically designed micronutrients to FILL IN your nutrient deficiencies and give your body what it needs. It will help you from getting to that point of temptation. Shakeology is actually all whole foods that are gathered from around the world and dehydrated. The adaptogens and phytonutrients in Shakeology stregthen the immune system. Shakeology helps to repair and restore your GI system which means you become more regular (that’s a big deal for lots of people!) your digestion improves and allows for your body to completely absorb the nutrients you are giving it.Shakeology also helps to reduce chronic inflammation which so happens to be the #1 cause of nearly every disease! Even if you’re NOT “dieting” Shakeology is so super good for you.
2) 👯 Support. This is so key. We need a supportive environment to help us reach our goals. And that’s what I offer as your coach. My amazing challengers have crafted a super supportive, fun, encouraging environment where we all lift each other up and keep one another accountable. You’ll wake up and not want to work out. But you’ll see those beautiful smiling sweaty selfies and be inspired to do it. You’ll find new recipes to keep you from getting bored. You’ll hear from others when they have BIG WINS and when we slip up. You’ll be part of a community that’s all trying to be better together!

So what do you say? Tired of that vicious cycle? Do this “ALL IN” once and for all with us.

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