Unstuffed breakfast tacos 

What did you have for breakfast?

Saturday morning the family wants breakfast tacos/bacon and eggs. I’ve perfected the “unstuffed taco.” Hash browns, eggs, bacon, veggies of choice and cheese if you want it!! I use avocado since going dairy free and it’s totally DELISH!!!
I keep diced tomatoes in the pantry for just this situation-out of fresh! Just be sure nothing’s added. Likewise the simply potato brand is pretty good for hash browns. Remember, potatoes are on the plan they just don’t provide much nutrition so they aren’t a main staple. Also, while wheat tortillas are also on the plan but I’ve found them unnecessary. Chris & Zach’s breakfast is mine minus veggies plus tortilla & fruit. The girls are minus tortilla, veggies plus fruit. 

So I make the same meal and we just vary it up a bit. Totally DELISH, better than a restaurant. 😋


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