Living Lifeproof!

As I was laying down to go to bed the other night, I glanced at a sticker that was on my nightstand. The sticker came with my phone case which is a Lifeproof brand case. This case, which promises to keep your phone safe from water, dirt, snow and impact, is necessary in my life. The fact that I am a mom, I am clumsy and I live at the beach are just a few of the reasons I have this phone case.

The new case I got came with a sticker which was still on my nightstand although all other packaging had found its way to the trash. As I was drifting off to sleep, my mind meditated on that sticker which said, “Live Lifeproof.” Yes, I did in fact look for the deeper meaning in a free sticker that came with my phone case. I am just that kind of girl.

Living life proof. It’s really interesting. There are so many things in life that come at a us that we have no control over that can really derail us. These things can come at us in the form of drama from family, a hurricane, a busy schedule, an illness or unexpected expenses. So many different things can come at us and possibly knock us off the track we were on, the purpose we were intending or the goals we have set.

So, we need to think about living life proof. To do so we have to be aware and in charge of the things we can control.

One way to do that is to wake up every morning and choose joy. This is me each morning:

“Doesn’t matter life what you think you’re going to bring to me! Don’t care what kind of drama you’re going to bring to me! I am joyful. I am a happy person. Sorry life, you can’t get to me.”

The phone case acts as a shield to protect what is inside from what is outside. Just as with the phone case, you have to have your shield up and be ready to Ping-Ping-Ping deflect whatever life sends your way. What you have going on inside is what will make you life proof. For example, the Bible says “He is a shield to those who walk in integrity,” (Proverbs 2:7).

That means that if I am living life with integrity and doing the right things for the right reasons, then I am life proof against any drama, guilt and fear life might try to bring. I do not have to worry, I am covered in a shield, I am life proof.

In my own life, about six months ago, I got accused of asking people to do personal training with me “under the table.” Now, I could have been hurt by that, and to be honest I was a little bit. More-so though, I was flabbergasted as was (hopefully) anyone who has ever worked with me. I am a very big rule-follower. Annoyingly so. Perhaps it was the way my parents raised me, perhaps it was my military service but I just follow rules without much thought. Because I know this about myself, because I know I am always trying to do the right thing with a full heart, that is my shield. I am shielded from these outside things that are trying to come at me. I cannot control other people, I can control the way I conduct myself and my reaction.

Another example about being life proof came to me when I was talking to a family member who is a nurse. She works incredibly long hours and I am trying to help her make some healthy lifestyle changes. When it comes to healthy living, eating right and working out, you have to find a way to make that life proof as well. That is part of what meal prep is great for. You are going to have to eat regardless of what shift you work, how long you work and how long you are away from your home. Meal prepping the week before and taking those healthy options with you is one way you can control that environment and life proof against a busy schedule. The same is true for me. I meal prep for myself, my kiddos and my husband because having healthy, easy options available is our shield against swing shifts, soccer practices, doctor appointments and more.

Those healthy options are not important because you are on a diet. Those healthy choices are important because, in my family member’s example, a lot of people are depending on her. She needs to fuel her body so she has the energy and the ability to do her superhero job. The same goes for my kiddos. They are super busy doubling in size, they need to fuel their bodies with nutrition so that all those science-y things work correctly.

And then there is you and me. If we don’t make it a priority to life proof ourselves, no one else will. And we are kind of a big deal. What ways can you life proof yourself?

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