Why should you eat raw food?


Been doing a lot of reading of Superlife! (Find it here) I find this stuff fascinating. One of the best reasons for eating raw/whole foods is the enzymes that they give us. Enzymes are SUPER important for all the things-they break down foods so we can actually absorb the nutrients. They also regulate the circulatory, lymphatic, cardiac, neurological, endocrine, renal, hepatic, reproductive systems. And they maintain our skin, bones, joints, muscles…they cleanse or body and help fight inflammation.

Here’s the catch!

When we cook food over 118 degrees we kill those enzymes. Almost anything processed then is most definitely devoid of enzymes. Add to that that we eat most food cooked and… Well it’s just another reason we are so unhealthy as a society.

An excerpt from Superlife:

Poor enzymatic action is also blamed for a number of physical ailments, from degenerative diseases to poor aging to chronic inflammation and pain.

In a study published in Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, patients who had undergone surgery and treatment for colorectal cancer were also given digestive enzymes. The enzyme therapy improved the quality of the subjects’ lives “by reducing both the signs and symptoms of the disease.”

It’s clear–we need to eat whole foods and eat a significant portion of them raw, so the enzymes are still alive and active. This is why it’s so important to eat big salads with lots of uncooked vegetables, not just lettuce. We need the enzymes.

So, I’m trying to get a little more raw for myself and the kids.


That’s Ayla’s snack-it would have almonds in it too if they allowed it at the YMCA.

Shakeology is only comprised of whole foods and they are dehydrated, never cooked or heated. Lots of digestive enzymes-and they tested to make sure they make it past the intestine and such. That’s part of why it’s not cheap. It’s SUPER HIGH QUALITY.


So I’m happy to get this stuff in their bellies and build health-not just resist disease. Now I know more about WHY there are digestive enzymes in Shakeology. I thought it was just for fun. 😂😂💩

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