Is Shakeology safe for kiddos?

I get the question often if Shakeology is safe for kids. Well, it’s a bag of plants with no artificial flavors, additives, sweetners or colors (good form ADHD symptoms). There’s also no soy, it’s gluten free and non GMO. More importantly, It’s actually super GOOD for them. It’s like five plates of salad that actually tastes good. But it’s got lots of extra stuff that they’ll never get in their diet anyway. I give my kids a 1/3 scoop daily as a supplement to their diet and because I probably will never get them to eat algae which is SUPER good for you.

Most importantly, however, is that we often don’t question what we give them otherwise. Most products marketed to them are pretty terrible for them and we don’t even realize it. No Bueno.

Take a look at the photos and see for yourself.


Shakeology ingredients are all natural. They are picked and cooled in the shade immediately so they can be dehydrated while retaining the most possible nutrients. There’s nothing artificial. And the nutrition profile is equivalent to five plates of salad-and more!


Even if you were to overlook the top ingredients in this popular formula which happen to be corn syrup and soy, the vitamins and minerals don’t even compare to that of Shakeology. Not even close-even only using 1/3 scoop!! But we give this to our babies!!


Flintstone kids! Sucrose = sugar. #1 ingredient. Aspartame…you know that by now, right? Research the artificial colors. Just plain no Bueno. Still the vitamins & minerals aren’t ALL that and you may have heard that pill form vitamins don’t typically get absorbed into the body anyway.

As a society we tend to question healthy food more than unhealthy food. We need to put more value on giving or kids high quality, nutrient dense food. Everything we put in their bodies is either building or taking away from their health.
The FDA says check with your doctor first. So, please do check with your doctor first. If you believe them. My doctor gave us that similac so….

The bottom line is we are are trying and learning to give our babes GOOD food. It’s hard to do in this modern world and we all just have to strive for progress, not perfection!!

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