Fighting Diabetes & Helping your thyroid



Ugh!!! Yesterday I had two of my favorite people tell me they’ve received a diagnosis. Nothing unmanageable but it still makes me 😡. These two ladies happen to be members of my tribe because (but not limited to) they are both blonde, hilarious and super smart. AND they’ve been working at health and fitness so things like thyroid and diabetes are like a slap in the face.
This is why I push so hard. So many women I know are getting that thyroid diagnosis or an autoimmune diagnosis. And my genetic history tells me personally to fight against diabetes.
These things are a REALITY. I am all too aware of that.
The thing is thy CAN be overcome. So that’s a blessing. And they CAN be prevented too. Don’t ever let people tell you that you’re going to “get” something just because your family did. Sure, if you live the same lifestyle and don’t be purposeful with the way you live, your body might respond in the same way. But you have power in that.
As for thyroid–man we are so stressed out! That has a toll on the body. That’s why we say you need even MORE nutrition than ever before. And most of us are getting less thanks to poor food/farming quality. I also personally think birth control is taking its toll there but I have no science yet. 😜
Anyway, health is work in today’s age. I love working out. I enjoy eating clean because it makes me feel good. But I take Shakeology like it’s medicine for these reasons. I want to have every gun firing health wise. You should too. It’s clearly not a CURE-ALL but I think it can definitely help-I’ve had people report to me personally their doctors have noted the improvement and there a thousands of testimonies out there. Consider it!

Shakeology + Diabetes Testimonials

I swear by Shakeology! It reversed 10 years of diabetic A1C levels in me in just 4 months of daily use. Can’t and won’t live without it! My endocrinologist has it written in my medical file as a requirement for me to take now, and another doctor was so impressed that she started taking it and it reversed her diabetic levels she had for 7 years. –Gwyn M.

My mom told me again earlier today how beautiful her blood sugars are. Shakeology has helped to dramatically reduce her insulin. Sometimes she doesn’t even need her insulin. I’m glad I made my mom try Shakeology a year and a half ago. ~Shakeology customer.

“Shakeology works, because I am a diabetic that was on 9 pills. But once I started drinking Shakeology, it changed my overall numbers in blood pressure, sugar levels, and cholesterol. To this date of 6 months of drinking Shakeology and working out – NO PILLS!!” –Sydney

I’m a 57 yr old insulin dependent diabetic, on insulin for 47 yrs. I’ve been using Shakeology daily since 4/8/10 and it’s a predictable meal, in that the carbs are exact. That has been a major benefit for me. Since then I’ve dropped 22 lbs, reduced my daily total insulin by nearly 40%, and am now off bp medication. Also, the only workout I’ve done is the one that comes w/ the drink mix… I call ’em Shake30 and Shake50 workouts. I haven’t worked out much at all the last six weeks, other than running a bit, but the weight continued to drop and it must be due to the Shakeology. _BH

Being DIABETIC, and HAVING KIDNEY & THYROID DISEASE, I had to do something.

Thanks to Beachbody, I have lost a total of 75lbs. and now living a more fit and healthier lifestyle. I come from a family of Type 2 Diabetics and was borderline diabetic myself, and had Kidney disease, Thyroid disease and back pains. Doing Beachbody’s workout programs and drinking SHAKEOLOGY has changed all that! My thyroid results are normal!!! My doctors are AMAZED at my results!!! My lab results are ALL NORMAL now and show that I am NO LONGER DIABETIC!!! I have so much more energy, strength and stamina than I have ever had when I was in my teens and 20s. I started at 196lbs. wearing a size 16 and am currently 125lbs. wearing a size 4!!! I have never been a size 4 before in my life!! ~Jenny, mother of 4, and works full time.

My wife’s Type 2 Diabetes was reversed thanks to Shakeology. – Sean K.

My friend’s doctor (YES DOCTOR) said she should try SHAKEOLOGY and she has DIABETES! SMART DR! -Stacie M.

I was borderline type 2 diabetic for the past few years. I also had gestational when I was prego. (3-4yrs ago) In December (2013)I signed up for shakeo and was just hoping to lose weight. But it dropped and regulated my blood sugar within the first few weeks of using it. I am no longer get the headaches from my blood sugar rollercoastering. I no longer considered borderline. My blood sugar is normal. -Amy S.

My fasting number this morning was no longer in the “diabetes” range but in the “pre-diabetes” range…with NO meds! I am so amazed. – Kristie M.

My parents have been drinking SHAKEOLOGY for a little over a month now. My mother’s sugars are almost normal! AND she was suffering from major diabetes headaches when she ate badly and we were getting ready to increase her insulin!!! She is now coming off her meds all together and is exercising and losing weight! Dad’s sugars are now under control and he is getting ready to cut out his meds as well! Shakeology has changed the blood chemistry in my household and family for the better! – Ilene W.

I have been drinking Shakeology from Beachbody everyday since the middle of December. I am proud to report that I had my A1C (for diabetes) tested yesterday​ and it is down from 7 to 6.3 I love the energy that Shakeology gives me and the best thing is it tastes great!!!! -Mayme Brown

Shakeology + Thyroid Testimonials

“I started drinking Shakeology in September 2009 after hearing about the good results it had for other people since it’s release in March 2009. After trying out a few different recipes for the Chocolate flavor, I found a few I liked and began making a shake every morning as my breakfast. A week or two went by and I began to notice that my energy level would pick up within the first 10-15 minutes of drinking it. I didn’t feel jittery like I did when I drink coffee, but I felt energetic, more awake. Funny thing was, I didn’t attribute that to the Shakeology at first because it had become such a part of my routine & my concoctions I made with it tasted so good I had forgotten how good it was for me. A month goes by and I notice my digestive tract is more regular than usual (which hadn’t been the case for awhile due to the side effects of varying thyroid levels) & my energy level continued to stay up for a longer period of time without that big crash you can get from drinking coffee or caffeinated soft drinks. For me, that was reason enough to keep drinking it. Before I would have days that I could barely keep my eyes open while driving into work and/or driving home from work. I have those days less and less often now.

Being hypothyroid, I really didn’t think this drink would help me lose weight, which has been another positive for others that drink it. At most, I have lost a pound or two while drinking Shakeology but I have noticed that I am able to maintain my weight very easily just by drinking it daily. I noticed this after drinking it continually for about two month and, for me, that is a huge positive! I am very close to my “ideal” weight so having something to help me maintain it is very exciting to me. I also use it as an additional way to keep my immune system strong. Although, I have had to fight off a few colds/bugs the past month or so – when I drink Shakeology everyday (along w/ taking my other vitamin supplements recommended by my doctor) I feel like it’s an extra boost to the immune system, which during these winter months is very important. With these positive results after four months of drinking Shakeology, I am happy to share it with others that have thyroid conditions and hopeful that you see many (if not more!) of these same results.” ~ Beth Y.

“I suffer with a debilitating energy-sucking disease. Most days I feel as though I am buried up to my neck in sand and it is a struggle to get out of bed. I am happy to say that I have found a way to energize myself and to be able to do a workout in the morning which is nothing short of miraculous. I will never go a day without my Shakeology ever again. It has literally changed my life and given me a new lease on life.” ~ Mickey K.

“As a coach and a fellow Hypothyroid patient I recommend Shakeology 10 fold. It has restored the function of my thyroid fully. I’m not saying that it can do that for everyone but it did for me and my #s were really bad and I was told I’d have to take meds for the rest of my life. Shakeology has such power-packed nutrient to support many aspects of the body. Don’t hesitate because of the price. The price is not bad at all and there’s no price tag for your health. I save money now that I’m on it.” ~ Alisha T.

“There is Iodine in Shakeology and it really boosts the function of the thyroid gland. I have hypothyroid and I haven’t had to take meds for almost a year because of Shakeology.” ~ Christina B.

“I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was 18 (but suffered from symptoms earlier) and struggled with all the side effects – depression, weight gain, inability to lose weight, dry skin, brittle hair and nails, no energy. I was taking 200 mcg of Synthroid daily. Within 6 weeks of regularly drinking Shakeology, my thyroid levels were staying consistent – and I’d been getting tested every 4-6 weeks for several years and my Synthroid dose adjusted every 4-6 weeks because my levels never were even. The next 6 week test my dose was lowered, and the next, and the next – and it consistently went down! My condition is hereditary, and I’m not fully off my medications, but I am at a very low dose now, and not having ANY of the symptoms! I’ve lost 57 pounds and feel AMAZING!” ~ Trish M.

“I have Hypothyrodism as well. Have had it for the past 16yrs. Been drinking shakeology for the past year, I haven’t lost a lot of weight. But I have noticed a change in my body. as well as some inches off of my waist emoticon)..I was going to stop drinking shakeology due to price,but have decided that the results speak for themselves. sometimes you get what you pay for. and with shakeology you really get a lot !!” -Mrs. Kato

“I am hypo and have been for 23 years! I started on Shakeology about 4 weeks ago with a Cleanse and I absolutely love it. It has given me great energy and appetite control. Since finishing the cleanse, I have replaced one meal a day with Shakeology and really like the results I am seeing. Not a lot on the scale (I never really do), but my body shape is changing dramatically. Much leaner and toner.” -Kim

“I have been hypothyroid for 15+ years, I have Hashimotos. I am completing my 1st month of Vegan Chocolate and LOVE it…I can tell a huge diff. I am on Armour thyroid, I switched to that a year ago and did get a little more energy but I think the Shakeology REALLY helps.” -Angie

“I also have Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease. Been up down and all around since 14. After my son’s birth o have been just hypo, he is five and I still have the baby weight. Started Shakeology and TMT June 11 and I’m down 16 lbs and 7 inches. I believe the Shakeology is the reason. I have always been active (as a competitive horse rider) but stayed over weight.” -Cait

“I used to suffer with hypothyroidism. I was on all kinds of medications…it wasn’t until shakeology that I started to lose weight! FINALLY! I lost 12 pounds & 2″ off my waist in 6 weeks.” -Priscilla


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