Joyful entry

Do you have friends that are handy and love to upcycle things? Friends that enjoy painting?

I’m not one of those friends. Nope, not even a little bit. I see painting as a means to an end. Others see painting and the end, relaxing, being creative.

I’m far too impatient for that! However, I also happen to be too stubborn to buy things that are expensive. And I’m certainly too impatient to build furniture.

And, so, we now have an entry table that used to be a changing table. Well, it was at least in the nursery for 9 years, though never had anyone laying on it.

At one point I moved the table out of the girl’s room. It was a clutter catcher and I was over it! (All the toys were banished to their closet). I happened to move it by the door for a day or two before I could get it out to donate. Then it sinned on me, this table would be perfectly functional as an entryway table!

It was ugly though. Much like MOST furniture in my home…oak. Ish. 15 years ago I liked that color. I’m VERY MUCH over it. We are on a budget, so I can’t fix everything.

But I could fix that!

Being on a budget also means I have to be selective about what projects I do around the home we just moved into last month. Because I felt I could do this rarely cheaply and because I feel like The entryway is so important for function AND feeling, here’s where I started!

Started sadly. It’s never ending winter here stuff forever everywhere. And then there is the empty oatmeal canister. Why is that there? I don’t know. I just don’t.

Step 1 was to set the vision and see what I could pull from around the house so I didn’t feel the need to buy a bunch of stuff. Those bins have been around at least 8 years, I think $1 at a garage sale. I’m not a brown fan but they FIT in so many places so well.

God gave me you…the song I first heard sitting in the airport parking lot the morning I kissed my husband goodbye for a year. While holding my 1 month old. Man, that was one of the most emotional moments of my life and I was a mess. That song, the meaning, the people God has blessed me with, it’s just a piece of my heart. I saw this at hobby lobby that year he was gone…and I made it mine!!Those flowers are two decades old. So many things are Brown I’m noticing. My Grandma made it/ gave it to me. Not sure. And then there’s the frame my friend gave me 1.5 years ago for my birthday that sat picture-less until this day. Even the picture came from my keepsake box! It’s hubs and I walking on the beach at sunset. First step was to paint the table. I would’ve done teal but I checked with the hubs first and asked if it would be too much. Not surprisingly, he said yes. So grey to “match” the couch just to the right of where the table sits is what I went with!I kinda sanded it with my palm sander but not really. Not that invested. Not that patient. Technically, it was too cold to paint both days at 30 something. I threw two coats on there. Painting outside by my huge shed near the woods with a cup of coffee. Sounds like a dream for someone!Then I had to shop for what to add to my area. I got a basket at the thrift store, yay. I also bought that mirror at TJ Maxx, the flower and mini chalkboard at Kirkland’s and the roses at Aldi’s. Everything else I had, hooray!! While Chris was gone for a year, I did a LOT of Pinterest projects. Well, I did a LOT OF PROJECTS period. That’s when I first stumbled into Marie Kondo. I also did the yard (jungle) work that was quoted at $1000+ to do. I paid myself in beer and free exercise. 😂Before those however, I got the state idea from Life Love Larson and others on Pinterest. I think this was done in my nesting stage as I finished it right before baby #3 (Florida) arrived which was kind of weird. Lol! When I finally read Kondo’s book, projects like this had already begun to set the tone for me to figure out what speaks joy for me. Simplicity. Color. Depth. Diligence is part of that depth, I think. Doesn’t it spark questions? The journalist in me likes having to think when I’m looking at things. Curiosity! Diligence is my word for this year, not that it’ll stay up there the entire time. It’s just a start. Finally, I got all the stuff and arrived home a few minutes after my father in law arrived in town for a visit. Well, an awesome trip really. He came to babysit our kiddos so we can start a new couples group at our new church. AND he happened to bring his toolbox WITH a picture hanging kit. It was meant to be. I explained to him that I do all things while his son is at work so not to entice questions, price tag scowls or unfinished work critiques. But it was VERY nice to have a professional hang it with all his tools and preciseness. I didn’t even have to ask! So nice!In the end, I believe the result is awesome! I will literally feel joy every time I walk in the door. This entry evokes my happy feelings and it also allows you to check teeth for food before you leave. It allows guests to arrive knowing we are warm, tidy, colorful, weird and grateful to God (although a little more work there is in the hallway). What do you think?

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