Pairing down the wardrobe

They say that you know what you’re passionate about just by knowing what you can’t shut up about. Minimalist living is definitely one of those things for me.

Today I was in need of some therapy so I decided to take it out on my closet. So much so that I didn’t take any before or during photos.

Here is the aftermath.

That pile doesn’t look as big as it was. But I discarded probably 60 items, maybe more.

I asked for these pretty teal & pink velvet hangers for Christmas with the intention of reducing my closet to only those hangars. Coincidence they’re labeled Joy (after the designer)? No. Not a coincidence.

Three days after Christmas we moved and my closet space tripled. So it was tempting to not make that move. But I did!


I’ve always wanted a capsule wardrobe but budget and attention span haven’t REALLY allowed it. This was a major step in that direction.

First I took everything out of my closet. To be fair, I’ve been purging (keeping for joy) for a while now, I even teach it now in my Home Detox course. So I don’t have as much as most people probably do to begin with.

For this “final” purge I had 10 pink and 10 teal hangars. What I did first was pick out the things I KNEW were staying and out those on hangars. You know you have those favorite-wear them all the time-feel amazing in them items. That’s what we are talking about.

My tops are teal hangars, pants & dresses are pink hangars.

Tops weren’t too hard, surprisingly. I guess because I had 10 hangars for this category alone.

For tops I kept:

  1. Black tank top
  2. Teal tank top
  3. Black long sleeve top
  4. Teal long sleeve top (are you seeing a pattern yet?)
  5. Rust short sleeve top
  6. Short sleeve striped chambrayish top
  7. Chambray
  8. Grey sweater
  9. Pink sweater

Then things got tricky. I got creative. Or I cheated. You tell me.

For dresses I kept:

  1. Pink sleeveless churchy
  2. Pink long sleeve
  3. Teal sleeveless churchy / Teal sleeveless date nighty (on the same hangar, scandalous)
  4. Black fancy
  5. Black business
  6. Gray date nighty
  7. Blue summery x 2 (on the same hangar)

So you see what I did there. If I get one set of black velvet hangars I can be a rule follower. But for now, I’ll have to live with the guilty feeling.

This means I had 3! hangars left for pants. The horror. Not really, I’m no fan of leg prisons. I have too many as it is.

  1. Black / teal / multicolored leggings (also a small black skirt that was awkwardly alone)
  2. Light denim & dark denim skinny jeans
  3. Grey skinny jeans & Seven jeans


I know what you’re thinking. No way that’s my entire wardrobe! You are right!

I have 6 jackets (one not pictured). I’d purge some but dang it’s winter and we’ve had a bunch of snow days. And I’m always cold. I DID purge a hoodie and pullover though. Major for me.

The rest of my wardrobe is in my dresser. I wanted to downsize to one dresser but hubs wants his own. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I LOVE my dresser. Even if I did install the photos above it off center and uneven. ๐Ÿง I got it up, I’ll fix it soon. Perfect is the enemy of good. And done.

Nine drawers, three are super small. I use TWO of those drawers for bras. Yes, it’s serious like that. I talk about having my bras roll out of a drawer like they do at Victoria Secret in my Home Detox course. You’re the model, this is your dressing room!

So, one drawer has regular bras

  1. T-shirt x2
  2. Push-up
  3. Strapless

Another has 4 sports bras. Haha. I wear them everyday and at one point I was completely our of luck because two of them busted (I use front zippers) in ONE week. I decided never again! I also have two nighttime bras. Yeah. Enough said. Lol.

Then I let myself have TWO drawers for workout gear. This is my real weakness. It’s also my job, so there is that. So, I decided 7 sets. A set includes a tank top / shirt, pullover and shorts OR leggings. Not too bad right? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Unless you realize, like I did, my workout clothing is the same number-wise as the entirety of my non-workout clothing wardrobe. Lol.

Another drawer is dedicated to intimates (that I never wear, but it’s a small drawer). ๐Ÿ’‘ Another to summer gear. ๐Ÿ‘™

I have an underwear / sock drawer. It’s pretty spacious since I only have a week’s worth of both. Lol. I have a pajama/lounging drawer which has one tank, two tshirts, two long sleeve sweatshirty types, two pairs of shorts and one pair of sweatpants. Done son!

Finally I have one drawer for shorts. Haha. Not sure how this happened. I’d like to add a nice pair of black shorts and a less booty pair of denim shorts this summer, we will see!

Finally, shoes! I think we are all sensing I love the number 10 for wardrobe. Okay, I am sensing that. ๐Ÿคช Now that I am sensing that, I know without a doubt I’ll be amending everything to equal that special number 10.

  1. Cowboy boots
  2. Black booties
  3. Fancy flip flops
  4. Not fancy flip flops
  5. Running shoes
  6. Workout shoes
  7. Heels
  8. Fancy sandals
  9. Date night shoes

Therein lies the problem. I’m currently in the market for winter/rain boots and casual tennis shoes. Soooo. Something is gonna have to go y’all. Maybe the not fancy flip flops. Lol.

So that’s it, that’s my entire wardrobe. It’s crazy and most wouldn’t go for it. I know at any given time, any item I grab will:

  • Go with most other things in my wardrobe
  • Make me feel fabulous
  • Need to be washed at least once a week

It frees up my brain from decision anxiety, from having clothing around that wastes my time and tries my emotions.

Wardrobe is the first thing I tackle in my Home Detox course. It’s so important because it’s your statement to the world about who YOU are. And it also tells YOU how you feel about YOU. Think on that for a moment.

If you want to think on it more, or you are ready to have the clutter purged, I invite you to check out my course. If you have tips and ideas, drop them in the comments below.๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

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