Cleanish house

I do NOT like to clean. I believe in the importance of a tidy house but the joy of cleaning and all that jazz evades me.

I remember when I was just starting to put my big girl panties on and actually decided to have a clean house, I turned to Pinterest. Pinterest is rude. The cleaning lists on there typically amount to more than I would do in a year. And that’s like the weekly cleaning list.



I’ve found, personally, that if it’s too big of a task I won’t do it. If I can chunk it down to 5 minute tasks, I am able to push myself through that.

So, my cleaning “regimen” has all been broken down into small tasks. I call it 30/30 but I am 100% sure I don’t spend 1 hour cleaning a day. But I DO know some days require a bit more than others so I CAP it at 30 minutes.

30 / 30? What’s that? (Insert lengthy tirade about decluttering / tidying up)


I divide my cleaning into 30 minutes of tidying and 30 minutes of actual cleaning (but remember, not really). Tidying up is simply putting things away. Where they belong. Cleaning involves like…cleaning. Ugh.

I do that as a SAHM because, supposedly, that’s my job. Working full time that goes down with a little more family effort added in on the weekend.


To make it even less awful, I break it down into 15 minutes of each, twice a day. And I break those down too. It’s ridiculous, I KNOW. But if I can just get through each 5 minute set, I know I’ll have a clean home. And 5 minutes isn’t overwhelming.

I leave the house each morning around 930 or 10. Before I do so:

  • 5 minutes on the dishes / wiping off counter / table
  • 5 minutes putting things away
  • 5 minutes going into each room straightening (PS-I make the kids tidy their rooms before they leave)

When I get back home, before I sit down, I do 15 minutes of cleaning. Depending on the day, it’s a different task.

Monday is Vacuuming / Sweeping / Mopping. This is my least favorite day. UGH. I hate all of these tasks. HOWEVER…the weekend definitely dictates the necessity of them, doesn’t it? Everything is gross from the weekend of fun, so you need to sweep / mop / vacuum everywhere. Well…I only vacuum upstairs every other week. Oops. I make a game out of it, try to get it over with quick like a workout…I listen to something awesome during it because, like I said, it’s my least favorite.

  • Vacuum (5 minutes)
  • Sweep (5 minutes)
  • Mop (5 minutes)

Tuesday is Bathrooms, 5 minutes a bathroom. If you’re wiping your bathroom down every week, it takes VERY LITTLE time to keep it clean. No really. It does. I actually use clorox wipes for everything to make it even simpler. I know I should / shouldn’t use chemicals depending on your camp, but it’s just what works for me. They’re pre-moistened, kill gross things (I hope), easily disposable and easy to store instead of a million other types of things.

  • Toilet
  • Sink / Mirror
  • Tub / Shower
  • Floor

Wednesday is Laundry. I don’t count the swithcing and stuff even though it’s my least favorite part. When the kids are home I make them do it. Other people hate the folding / putting away. I hate the switching. I would love one of those machines that does both washing and drying. Anyhoo, it really takes a minute to start / switch. The PITA is the folding / putting away. So, I mentally commit to 5 minutes each load. I do three loads (Me & hubs, kids & household stuff) usually on Wednesday and Sunday. I recommend doing it by family member / item, then take the basket to whichever room and do it there, folding and putting away immediately. Eliminate the extra work of folding it somewhere and then taking folded clothes to the right place! It’s small, but it helps. I know this because my son told me to do it and he is really good at finding corners to cut. LOL.

  • 5 minutes folding / putting away load
  • 5 minutes folding / putting away load
  • 5 minutes folding / putting away load

Thursday is Bedrooms / Dusting. So, if you’ve already tidied up, this is easy peasy. You take your Norwex or whatever you use and wipe down dressers, beds, night stands, window seals, baseboards and VIOLA! It’s super fast and you’re in, you’re out.

  • Wipe down all surfaces in bedrooms (2 minutes a room or so)
  • Wipe down all surfaces in non-bedrooms (2 minutes a room or so)

Friday is the kitchen. It’s never not needed, that’s for sure. First,  you need to heat up water and vinegar (equal parts) in the microwave for five minutes. It makes the microwave super easy to wipe down and then you can use the hot water in the fridge to wipe up anything sticky pretty easily.

  • Move everything and wipe counters completely. (5 minutes)
  • Wipe down cabinets / appliances top to bottom, left to right. (5 minutes)
  • Wipe down microwave and fridge. (5 minutes)

TADA! You’re done. ISH. Now, if you do that stuff every day / week, you’ll be GOOD TO GO. Like, your home will be legit enough you can rest easy.

HOWEVER. If you can find it within you, we want to spend another 15 minutes in the evening doing the EXACT same thing we did before. Dishes, kitchen & putting things away. It’s WORTH it so when you get up you’ve got a clean (literally & figuratively) slate.

Then, if you’re feeling REALLY fancy you can add on another 15 minutes to your cleaning block. This is where you pick ONE of those annoying deep clean activities based on what area you’re doing that day. So, if you’re already in the kitchen, now’s the time to tackle the oven or polishing the silverware (do people really do that?) If you’re in the bathroom, it’s time to scrub tile or clean the trash can. If you’re oding bedrooms, you might pick a set of blinds to clean. All of these tasks take 15 minutes or less. And if you rotate them in, you won’t have to dedicate huge chunks of your life to cleaning that way.

I also recommend adding in organizing / projects to this extra 15 minutes when appropriate. So, once a season you might need to purge kids clothes. Add that in during the 15 minutes on a bedroom day.

In this way, you can have a CLEANISH home all the time that you can be proud of but yet not a slave to. What do you think?

If you need help getting your home to this level of maintenance, I’d love to offer you my Home Detox course. It’ll help you reset, restart and love your home again!

Download 30 30 if you’d like. Or, a very simple checklist.


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