How I won & failed @ Aldis

I was happy in my old shopping routine before we moved. Wally world grocery pickup was the stuff made of dreams, for me at least. I don’t mind grocery shopping. I don’t even mind it with the kids. The fact was I had simply run out of hours in the day. OUT. GONE. ZILCH. Every single minute seemed like it was booked. So when grocery pickup came along it was like…hallelujah! (Can I add I told a friend to do that as a business venture three years prior! Ugh! I could’ve been the instacart inventor! Except they are SO snazzy I don’t think I could’ve.)

ANYWAY. Fast forward. Walmart is actually the farthest and least convenient grocery story here. WHAT? How is that even statistically possible? Plus, our nearest Walmart…does not spark joy. Let’s put it that way.

That’s a LONG intro to tell you, combined with the fact that we are on a major life-changing budget program at the moment (#ramseying), I have started trying to figure out Aldis.

When I say figure it out, I mean it. It’s been an adventure. They do have lower prices, they do have cool options (hello Nourish Bowl!) and they snuff out the excess options (fewer choices, fewer distractions, less decisions to make, more brain power for the rest of the day.) But…there are rules and reasons and etiquettes. I KIND of feel like I’m doing it wrong every time. That almost stopped me from going (there doesn’t seem to be a handbook), but the aforementioned budget and a little extra free time at the moment has me a little determined.

SO! I FINALLY remembered a quarter. I was so excited. You see, you need a quarter to get a cart (you get it back when you return it). I had forgotten one like…every time.

img_0745But there was a huge, much worse, majorly epic fail. When you spend $250 at Aldis and you bring 1 bag you’re going to regret it. I’m just saying. You see the sad little target bag back there? Not up to the task man. NOT. UP. TO. THE. TASK. I’m legit bringing laundry baskets next time I go. Yeah boi.


That being said, I had some time to really compare and decide what I wanted to purchase. So check it out! Disclaimer: I know several families who eat WAY healthier than we do. I know many families that eat way less healthy than we do. I’m not trying to win any awards. I’m just trying to be budget friendly, keep my kids from getting sick (food = medicine), cook as little as possible (raw food has more nutrients than dead food and HELLO no cooking) and keep them somewhat happy with things I don’t find tempting (whole wheat pasta, yuck. Veggie Straws, yuck).


Meat. DUDE! This is enough meat to fuel lunches and dinners the entire month. That’s minus the pizza nights. Like whoa! They had things called bangers. Basically sausage but with a European name. I got them for Chris to make him “Bangers and Mash” reminiscent of his travels last year.


  • Drumsticks x 2. ($3.96 & $3.99)
  • Chicken breasts x 2. ($8.54 & $7.81)
  • Chicken thighs x 2. ($4.18 & $6.39)
  • Pork chops x 2. ($4.76 & $5.83)
  • Ground turkey x 2. ($2.59)
  • Ribs. ($9.80)
  • Pork tenderloin. ($3.89)
  • Turkey Sausage x 2. ($1.89)
  • Turkey bacon x 4. ($1.89)
  • Turkey hot dogs. ($1.79)


I believe Aldi’s has the best price in bananas, even if it’s only by $0.05. That’s great for me though because I buy a bunch and then once they ripen, I peel, break in half and throw them in the freezer. That’s what I use for my shakes everyday.

Applesauce (unsweetened) and sliced pineapple (no syrup) are the cheapest fruit to send with lunches. Typically I’d do berries (more dense) or grapes (fun) or cuties (so portable) but we’re on a budget. So, I’ve opted to have fresh fruit first thing in the morning for the kids and they’ll take the cheaper version to school.

The cucumber was HUGE..not necessarily a good thing, but the price was right. The plums were by request from Melanie so I was happy to see them! I only got 1 avocado because I’m not that confident in my ability to use them in a timely fashion. That’s the main reason I made the switch to hummus for healthy fat.

  • Romaine Hearts ($1.69)
  • Bananas, 8lbs ($0.43/lb)
  • Cucumber ($0.49/ea)
  • Pears ($3.49)
  • Plums ($2.98)
  • Cilantro ($0.89)
  • Cuties ($3.59)
  • Grape tomatoes ($2.19)
  • Zucchini ($1.75)
  • Strawberries x 2 ($1.19)
  • Potatoes ($2.99)
  • Avocado ($1.15)
  • Vine tomatoes ($1.99)


I stocked up on allllll the dry ingredient stuff. I’ve heard it’s just other store brand stuff with a different label, but I’m okay with that. I usually buy that anyway, in many cases.

I bought bread, I’ll freeze it. In case it isn’t obvious, I tried to get the bulk of my shopping done on the first of the month and not go back much. That’s the idea anyway. I also buy bread because while I cook most meals from scratch or meal prep, when I don’t want to cook, the family can make their own dang sandwiches.

I hope you notice that the tortilla chips are open. It was refeed day y’all (#timednutrition). And just wait til you see what I ate with them. In my car. In the parking lot. #lunchdate I’m excited about a salad dressing I got. No sugar, no dairy. I need that in my life. The same for the salsa I got. If you put the words cilantro, lime, chipotle or jalapeno on things, chances are I’m going to buy them. That’s just the way it is. I couldn’t believe this salsa tasted so good and had no sugar!!!


Aldi’s tri-colored pasta is $0.75. That’s a steal y’all. My kids eat pasta each Monday. I eat pasta in the form of zucchini noodles. Some call them zoodles, Zach calls them zasta. This is a way we can all be happy and Monday we all know what to expect which is great because #acaseofthemondays.

img_0704They also had their own fresh zoodles, which is pretty cool. Just not in my budget. But for a busy mama not on a budget like mine, totallllly awesome.

  • Pistachios ($4.49)
  • Almonds ($4.39)
  • Salsa ($2.29)
  • Pita chips ($1.95)
  • Pineapple slices x 4 ($0.85)
  • Black beans x 2 ($0.89)
  • Blue corn tortilla chips ($1.39)
  • Apple juice ($1.95)
  • Broth ($1.19)
  • Diced tomatoes x
  • Rotelish ($0.39)
  • Tomato soup x 2 ($0.45)
  • Dressing ($1.49)
  • Enchilada sauce ($1.89)
  • Dressing ($0.89)
  • Low sodium soy sauce x 2 ($1.29)
  • Pasta sauce ($1.89)
  • Raw honey ($6.49)
  • Parm cheese x 2 ($2.29)
  • Sriracha ($1.99)
  • Pasta x 6 ($0.75)
  • Pepperoni x 4 ($1.95)
  • Whole Wheat Bread x 4 ($0.75)
  • Whole Wheat Tortillas x 2 ($1.25)
  • Semi Sweet Chocolate chips ($1.55)
  • Popcorn ($1.39)
  • Thai peanut sauce ($1.99)
  • Pure maple syrup ($5.99)
  • Tomato sauce ($0.19)
  • Croutons ($$0.89)
  • Spices ($0.49)


All the cold stuff. Dairy is not something I eat often. But my family does. On Fridays they get yogurt. They’re so excited on Friday’s y’all.

  • Almond milk. ($1.89)
  • Butter. ($2.49)
  • Greek Yogurt. ($3.29)
  • Feta cheese. ($1.89)
  • Cheesesticks x 4 ($1.34)
  • Corn on the cob ($2.19)
  • 2 lb cheese x 2 ($4.99)

Ayla still uses a diaper at night and these are so nice and inexpensive! I think one bag of Gain Flings lasts us all month (#minimalism). Yay. We go through a lot of toilet paper. But I’m not sure how much yet. LOL. Probably should’ve gotten two packs. WE only use two paper towel rolls at most a month, so we’re all set! I never know on any paper products if we’re getting a deal because they change adjectives so much I don’t really know what I’m buying from time to time. Double ply? Choose your size? Jumbo roll? Whatever. Are these good deals? LOL

  • Paper towels 6 rolls ($4.99)
  • 18 roll toilet paper ($5.59)
  • Ziplock bags ($1.49)
  • Diapers size 5 ($3.92)
  • Drano ($3.85)
  • Gain flings ($7.87)

Shana finds:


The truth is this just convinced me I need to make my own hummus because I liked the green one best, but I can never find ones like that at the store. But this is a game changer for a hummus lover. And an awesome thing to bring to a party in a pinch! OR to eat for lunch in your car because you have 10 minutes left for your lunch date with yourself because you spent too much time in Aldis.


Lovely photo btw.

I also love these! I’m going to have to copycat make them at home. I think they’re an awesome lunch option for someone who doesn’t like to cook or doesn’t have time.




Alrighty guys, that’s it. Nothing super mind blowing. Just sharing. Where do you shop? What are your tips? Your strategies?


If you’d like a jumpstart on your health journey, head over here and let me know how I can help.


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