Home is where the health is

jumpstartbyshana.comLast summer I attended a health and fitness conference and I was blown away by the simplicity of the phrase that is my headline today. The speaker was talking about how the home is the center of health, which is absolutely true, in many ways.  I remember thinking about it quite a bit as I prepared to send the kiddos back to school. The home is the center of health in three key areas.

First and foremost, home is where sleep happens–or doesn’t. Sleep, to me, is probably the most important part of health we can control. It’s a building block for mental health as it reduces anxiety, spurs creativity and improves memory. It’s great for you physically as well, studies have shown proper amounts of sleep reduces inflammation and keeps your appetite in check. Your brain solves problems at night which is why we all should “sleep on it.” We all need to value sleep, especially our kiddos. Sure, some of our wake up times are slightly mind blowing, but that just means our kiddos need to be getting to bed even earlier. Sleep should be a priority for all of us, though for many it’s the first thing to go.

Next on the list, I believe, is mental health. The home is where we can create an environment of love, acceptance, community, encouragement and warmth. That goes for who is already in your home and who you choose to invite into it. In the home we either put garbage in or put good things in via books, television, radio, etc. Parents, spouses, siblings all have the power to set the tone for mental health in the home by creating a powerful, supportive and safe place with the words and actions they take. If we’ve get those things at home, then we have the ability to go out and conquer the world once we leave the home.

Finally, nutrition and fitness also start at the home. My husband’s parents played sports and worked out at home his entire life so it was a natural part of his lifestyle when we met. It was never even in question. Of course, that bled over and here we are today. Good eating habits and an active lifestyle are modeled and practiced in the home first. The home is also where we have the most control to make fitness and good nutrition a reality.

Take stock of your home. As the center of your life and of those you love, is it serving you? Are there ways you can make it a more powerful place?

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