The Magical solution to laundry


Laundry is the bane of every mother’s existence, isn’t it? It might be the bane of every adult’s existence.


Perhaps the most infuriating thing about laundry is that it’s never done. Even as you fold and put away the last item from the dryer (because that happens so often), you still have dirty clothes–the ones you’re wearing!


And yet, I am here to tell you, I have the magical secret to laundry. It’s pretty old school, are you ready?

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Mind blown, I know. Yes it’s simple. But most solutions in life kind of are. What makes them seem hard is the doing it part.

Here’s the thing, we never used to have so many clothes. In fact, stay at home moms of the past were able to hang their laundry to dry not just because they did not have dryers, but because they didn’t have so many clothes to dry! 

In those old days, folks “made do” with one outfit for work/school, one nice outfit or their “Sunday best” and one thing to sleep in. While we don’t need to go to that extreme (pause and say a little thank you because we don’t struggle like folks used to, #blessed is a real thing), we can use it as a guide, as inspiration.

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Just maybe.

Another lesson, and this one is particularly important for the kiddos, is that we can wear them more than once. If your kids are anything like mine, they would change pajamas every night if left to their own devices. Now, we have a 3-night minimum.

I’ve gone from never ending laundry to laundry twice a week. I have a family of 5 and we workout, a lot! And it gets completed every time. When you have less clothes, you always get to wear stuff you love and that fits. You can easily put things away because there’s plenty of room. You don’t mind doing laundry because it’s temporary, not a life sentence.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to downsizing the amount of clothing. It can seem overwhelming or unappealing. There are a lot of questions that come up, a lot of mind games our stuff, our culture plays with us, and we might not even realize it!

If you had a coach to help you through it, I bet you would find it exciting, it would be freeing even.

As a coach, I help you catch up so you can keep up. #momcoach

Laundry. Can. Be. Conquered.

Comment below how you conquer laundry or tell us how it conquers you.

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