Tips to eat healthy with an unmotivated family

Here are three tips for dealing with those in your house slightly less health-motivated:

1) Presentation. My mom gave me this nugget of info and she was totally right. Make it look interesting, make it colorful, make it fun (kiddos).

2) Make it hearty. If you know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of salads (why am I still chewing one hour later?!?!?!!!) But this is a winner winner chicken (salad) dinner for the hulk husband because it has some umpth to it. He’s got more chicken and he has cheese. Add a hard boiled and they’ll hardly notice all the vegetables.

3) Variety. If they haven’t had it before you might be able to get by on the novelty of whatever you serve. Also, if salad is once a week or once every other week there will probably be fewer complaints. Healthy ≠ boring.

What strategies do you use?

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