Eating healthy is confusing. My mom mentioned recently that if she’d had known what we know now, she would have made different nutrition choices as I was growing up. I believe that’s true (and not just because she’s my mom)!

I call it the Shake and Bake generation.



I think it was exciting that you didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen in order to feed your family something delicious. I don’t think anyone even realized the food changes we were making would lead to the diseases and health epidemic we have now. Add to the novelty the sheer determination by certain industries (and their advertising dollars) and it’s no surprise we wound up with bad nutrition and having no idea what’s healthy.

In fact, it’s hard to believe anything anyone claims is healthy these days. I mean, will it be healthy tomorrow? (#eggs)

However, if we stop and take a little time to learn, or to apply some of our common sense to the nutrition field I think we can figure some stuff out. I think we wind up empowered.

I remember my first epiphany before I really started studying it. I noticed they were calling all of these foods “superfoods” and telling us how they all fought cancer.

Well, actually, plants, God-made food, are pretty much all superfoods in their own way. Sure, some might have more density than others. But the elegance of their composition is no mistake. They are super. God made them that way. But they’re just the food we are supposed to be eating. They are real food.



And, actually, it’s not really that plants fight cancer. It’s that the processed and unhealthy foods cause cancer.

But maybe that’s just me. I think an empowered population is a healthier population. Food is medicine. Or it’s poison. Believe that and it’ll all start to make sense. Ashley James says it this way:

If drugs were the cause of disease then they would be the cure. But it’s food that caused the disease so it’s food that is the cure.

Unfortunately, that’s the problem with modern medicine. Most of the time there isn’t a search for the underlying cause, just a search for a medicine to treat it. And, if that doesn’t work, an antidepressant.

That being said, information is out there, people are waking up. People are feeding their dogs healthier for goodness sake! I think it’s much better to teach people the why behind eating healthy rather than just tell them what to eat. If you know the why, you’re more likely to commit to being healthier.

I’ve been writing and talking to anyone who will listen about whatever I learn about nutrition for a while now. Sharing is caring!

What have you learned in the last few years about nutrition? Have you applied it to your nutrition?


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