One simple rule to get & stay clutter free

Look around and see what things are making your home see cluttered. Most likely it’s stuff that just hasn’t been put away. If you can figure out how to get that stuff put away, you can figure out how be rid of clutter once and for all!!

Stuff often doesn’t get put away based on two simple reasons:

  1. Laziness.
  2. It doesn’t have a home.

The first reason can be combatted!! And not just with disciple. The secret, in part is to make things really easy to put away. Beyond that, there is one REALLY CLEAR winner to conquer clutter once and for all in the home:

Make sure everything has a home.

It sounds simple. And it is. As usual though, simple doesn’t make it easy!

Most things that are out of place or cluttering up surfaces and chairs simply don’t have a clearly defined home.

Think about the forks in your home. They have a clearly defined home. And they probably are put away consistently. Everything in your home can be like the fork! And then, bam! Clutter free!

Finding a home for everything can often be accompanied with another problem: there’s not enough room for everything! Things are homeless because you’re fresh out of homes.

Guess what the best way to combat that is? Have less stuff!! What! This technique (read, not actually a technique) is brilliant! Have less stuff. Mind blowing.

Guess what that technique also helps combat? The aforementioned mentioned laziness!

When you have less stuff to put away and everything has a home, you’ll find you can make clutter be gone once and for all!

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