Foodtorial: Digestion

Your digestive system is SO complex. Elegant. Super cool. Choose your adjective.

Even though it is those things, it can only perform to the level you fuel it. You see, food is fuel. Food-like products are not fuel.

The journey from eating to health is complex on the body’s part. I mean, thank goodness we don’t have to think about it. Digestion starts even when we just smell or see food. Yep, that’s when we start salivating. When we actually eat food our bodies begin to break our food down (think super super super super small), absorb nutrients and then move those nutrients around the body where they are needed.

The trick comes in the nutrients being absorbed. In fact, it’s really tricky. What we can actually absorb from our food has to do with:

  • How much nutrition is actually in it (for example, fried food has lost most of its nutrition),
  • What we eat it with (fat aids in digestion y’all, why does everyone hate fat?)
  • Digestion complications. Up to 70 million Americans suffer from some sort of digestive issue like IBS, colitis or GERD. The medicines we take for those conditions also create absorption problems.

What we eat, how we eat it and our medical conditions can eventually cause nutrient deficiencies. That doesn’t sound TOO bad, right? Just a nutrient deficiency. But many chronic diseases are caused by nutrient deficiency. We need nutrients to do things like grow, perform daily activities, fight infections and maintain our overall health. What’s worse is when we eat things that our body can’t digest and absorb, inflammation happens. You know what else causes many major chronic diseases? Inflammation.

While the digestive system is complex, eating for nutrition is not. It’s mostly about eating real food most of the time. It’s about not eating food you hate so you’ll stick with it. It’s about not eating food that makes you feel bad–once you’ve cleaned up enough to be able to tell. It’s also about not being so strict you fall off the wagon every week.

While I think you can eat well using a number of different methods, my favorite to teach people about healthy living is the 21 Day Fix. That’s because it is a clear plan that focuses on fitness, education, on macros, micros and digestion

Digestion is an issue so many of us face. It’s an issue that leads to bigger issues down the road. Yet, so many programs do not focus on it. Shakeology is basically formulated to heal your gut and help you get and absorb nutrients. That’s why my friends report more energy, less anxiety, being happier, having less cravings…just because it helps their bodies to function better. Of course, digestion improvements are sheepishly admitted to as a MAJOR bonus as well. You definitely don’t want to be holding that stuff in.


I’m not a supplement person. I’m really not. It took me a long time to come to terms with the daily use (and cost!) of Shakeo. The fact is most of us will not get the nutrition we need if we’re not going over and above trying to eat healthy. So many of us have years of damage to our digestion and years of nutrient deficiency (especially the mamas) that we just need some extra oomph to get on track.

I’d love to help you on your health journey!


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