11 late night snacks to avoid wrecking your progress.

Going to bed hungry when you’re trying to get fit is not a good plan. It will sabotage your progress and your sleep. If you’re feeling that you’re either going to go to bed hungry like a misbehaved child or run the risk of binging hardcore, opt for these late night snacks instead. Note that they are fat-heavy because fat helps you feel fuller longer and signals to your body no one is starving around here.


1. Peanut butter. Fat = feel full. It also feels a little bit indulgent.


2. Almonds. Just a handful of almonds helps the junk food stay away!


3. Tea w/ honey. Having something warm makes your soul feel happy and honey has tryptophan, the same thing found in turkey that makes you sleepy!


4.Carrots & hummus. Crunch factor, check. Fat-makes-you-feel-full factor, check.


5. Hard boiled eggs. It’ll fill you up with protein and fat. Winning.


6. Banana & PB ice cream. Indulgent and delish. “Recipe” here.


7. 1/4 Avocado w. Lime & Salt. Hey, avocado obsession is a thing. You can spice it up and make it guacamole and eat it with sweet peppers if you want. We do what we have to do people.


8. 1 oz cheese. Need I say more? It’ll be a party in your mouth, keep you full but not wreck your goals.


9. Banana. The banana gets a bad wrap. But it’s a nice, full, awesome fruit.


10. Turkey roll ups. Turkey slices, romaine lettuce crisp, mustard. YES. Protein for the win.


11. Sunflower seeds. You get the fat, plus the annoying time lag between stuffing your face. Winning.

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