55 non-food rewards to fuel your health journey

Here are some great rewards you can use to fuel your health journey. Think of milestones you have along the way from now to where you want to be. Then assign rewards accordingly. You’ll need rewards daily, for scale progress, for food discipline progress, for completing dates/programs goals and for BIG milestones too. Which of these are you putting on your list?


  1. New running shoes.
  2. Workout shirt.
  3. Heavier dumbbells.
  4. Cute leggings.
  5. New workout song download.
  6. New workout headphones.
  7. New driver’s license photo.
  8. Fitness watch / tracker.
  9. New sports bra.
  10. New headband / hair ties.
  11. Colorful shoelaces.


  1. Cute pens.
  2. New jeans.
  3. Bathing suit.
  4. New t-shirt.
  5. New sunglasses.
  6. Get a professional to detail your car.
  7. Get a professional to clean your home.
  8. Put $1 in a jar for every ____ you hit. When you hit your big goal, go shopping! (pound, workout, day without cheats)
  9. A new scarf or belt.


  1. Funny water bottle.
  2. Cute new plate / bowl to eat
  3. New food storage.
  4. New cooking gadget/appliance.
  5. New recipe. (Think about incorporating this weekly-every week you crush it, you get to try a fun new healthy recipe the next week)

Self Care.adult-art-beauty-310278

  1. Manicure.
  2. Pedicure.
  3. Massage.
  4. Hair cut / color.
  5. Beach / outdoor time.
  6. Hot bath.
  7. Sleep in.
  8. New nail polish color.
  9. Fancy shower gel.
  10. Bubble bath.
  11. New candle.
  12. Scented epsom salt.
  13. Sign up for a class to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn.
  14. Lazy day to do absolutely nothing.
  15. Write a note to yourself to open when you hit a certain goal. Seal it. Label it with the goal. Keep it where you can see it.
  16. Nap.
  17. A new journal.
  18. Redecorate your bedroom.
  19. Fresh flowers.


  1. TV show. (i.e. you only get to watch the next one if you got your workout in that day)
  2. Concert tickets.
  3. Girl’s trip.
  4. New book.
  5. Movie date.
  6. Tattoo.
  7. Piercing.
  8. Professional photo shoot (modern day Glamor Shots anyone? Show off that awesome new body & the confidence that came with it).
  9. Bike ride.
  10. Night dancing.
  11. Everytime you hit ___ goal, resolve to give something to someone else. Maybe a $5 Starbucks card or even a handwritten note. GIVE as a reward, it’s the most rewarding.


So what do you think? Which ones are going on your list? Remember:

do not reward yourself with food you are not a dog.

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