Fierce Faith Friday: P31 (again)

I know you might just be over hearing about the Proverbs 31 woman.

She is energetic & strong, a hard worker. (5)
My 2nd favorite verse.

Hear me out really quick though. Not just because my 2nd favorite verse in the entire bible is from this passage, but because it’s something that’s come up a lot this week so I need to share.

The Proverbs 31 woman had like 13 different side hustle businesses. Really. That lady is buying properties, opening a small business, at trade shows selling her goods, designing and creating fashions and bedding.

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I mean, no wonder we think she’s impossible to live up to.

Now, first of all, our wife of noble character did not have Netflix or Pinterest. So that helps. But I’d like to submit to you that she was able to be so awesome (precious) because she had creative outlets and work that made her feel fulfilled.

In fact, of the 21 lines in this passage only twice do we hear about her kiddos. Dear husband is mentioned four times. You see, she’s accomplishing so much, she’s doing so much, she is so capable and virtuous because she’s on fire.

She has a fire burning inside because she’s creating, she’s still identifying with the part of her that isn’t just mom, that isn’t just wife. Those things are great. But there’s more.

Many times moms feel trapped in this never ending cycle of just the roles they play. They stop doing things for them, things they love, things that make them feel alive and passionate.

What’s really crazy is these moms are the ones that have no energy. That barely make it through the day.

Then we have the moms that seem to have it all. Well, first of all they don’t (As Jon Acuff said, those highlight reel moms might just be drinking an entire bottle of wine at night). But if it seems like they’re living a more authentic, passionate life and getting more to-dos checked off their list each day there might be a reason.

Being fulfilled and taking care of yourself gives you more energy to do more for others.

It’s a weird phenomenon. You’d think that the more you do, the more exhausted you are. However, if you’re prioritizing self-care and you’ve got a creative outlet, work that fills you up, I bet you can do more than you ever imagined. You’ll feel more energy, more excitement, more okay with doing stuff like laundry. You’ll be riding the buzz of living a life by design.

I mean, our wife of noble character gets up early and prepares breakfast. That’s probably because she wanted some quiet time to herself before the hustle and bustle of the morning came.

That’s probably because she’s excited about all the fulfilling work she will do today. She doesn’t mind serving others because she’s serving from a cup that’s overflowing.

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