Righteously angry for moms

Some things get me really worked up. Like the government still telling people dairy is a necessary component of their diet.

In this case, I’m worked up because I see confirmation of what I already know: moms are sad, lonely, stressed out and unhappy.

This is my why (2)
2012 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index

I 100% feel it’s my duty to change that in whatever small ripple I can make. I want moms to feel in control, happy, present, joyful. Almost everything I create is with that intention. The book I’m writing and the course I’m developing are two examples. My book will focus on four ares to help Moms mom like a boss: Mind, Body, Home and Relationships. Mom Blocking will take the idea of calendar blocking and show mom how to make her schedule work for her. It will show her how to reduce the stress, anxiety and depression.

Shoot me your email below to find out more when both are released!


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