A trick to downsize your debt

On Sundays we relax, go to church and have our family meeting. At the family meeting we chat with the kids about anything we need to and pay them for the work they’ve done that week. Than they go about their merry business and Chris and I have our marriage meeting which includes talking about our finances. Which is why I’m posting this today.

By the grace of God, we’re about to be debt free. We’ve been following Dave Ramsey’s plan for a a few months now. The most aggrivating part is I bought the book about five years ago. Implementation clearly did not immediately follow.

None the less, I wanted to share with you a very small and simple tip that has helped us stay focussed. We heard about it on one of Dave’s shows. If you don’t know, Dave’s very adamant about becoming debt free as part of gaining financial peace.


The idea is to put your total amount of debt on a piece of paper that you’ll see everyday. I wanted the fridge, but Chris thought it’d be better on our bathroom mirror. So, we put the piece of paper with our number up on our bathroom mirror.Chris says it literally hangs over his head each morning.We cross off the old and write down the new number every time we make progress.


For us, it helps us focus and keep that gazelle-like intensity Dave purports. You also see your progress as you go, so that’s good too.

Happy Sunday, I hope it’s amazing, relaxing and you get in some quality time with those you love!

Teal Rounding Math Games WorksheetI’ve got a cute printable you can use if you’d like to get started! Click here to get it!





If you need help creating a budget or coming up with a plan, I also help with that. Click here to find out more. or just email me below!

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