Lyrical Lessons: Crazy

Music is proof of the soul. I learned that in history of political philosophy class back in college. Kind of weird thing to learn there, sure. I mean, aren’t there more serious points of logic to debate?

Moving on. Music is something beyond basic human needs that every culture in history has created and enjoyed. Music doesn’t just tickle our fancy, it resonates. It pulls us. It goes deep.

If that has happened across generations and societies then it’s not a coincidence. That means there’s something that we all have. Something that connects us all. That means there’s something more to us than just these bones and muscles. That’s exciting!

I’m especially fond of music. Music is a major daily, even hourly, part of my life. I believe in music. Music is my life coach.

Based on that passion, I am going to do a blog post a week just for me. It’s not really going to move your life by design journey forward. But it will bring me joy. So, there’s that. Usually I write to help or encourage myself or others. This type of writing will be more indulgent I suspect.

I grew up writing literary criticisms. Wait. That sounds sad. I really enjoy thinking deeply about content I take in so don’t be sad for me! I did book reports for my grandpa as a kid. I really enjoyed English class. I read really long books by choice. Over and over again. Before I was even double digits.

So every time I hear a song, a speech, read a book or even a Facebook post I’m looking for the deeper meaning behind it.

Let’s look into a song I recently added to my playlist for my debut lyrical criticism (not actually criticizing, that’s just the official term). It’s called Crazy by Lost Frequencies. When you watch the video, you can see the feeling is uplifting, the beat is light hearted and fun.

Oh Lord
Hear me turn these words into a song
Is the writer Christian? I think so. I just read and sent Matthew 10:19 to my writer friends. “God will give you the right words at the right time.” So even if that’s not what the songwriter meant, that’s what I took from it.
Think about all the words we use in a day. The tongue can either wound or it can heal. So, what a noble effort it is to turn our words into a song. To use them to speak life, to build things up, not tear them down. Moreover, we need help from our creator to do that, don’t we? Ooooh boy, if it was up to just me, the words coming out of my mouth would not be suitable for television. #justsayin

For them to sing along to when I’m gone

Of course the author wants his words, his ideas to stick around longer than just the song. Same is true with you as a boss, an employee, a teach, a student, a friend, a parent or a child. We want our words and ideas to have meaning, to outlast us.
Oh Lord
Let me be the one to set them free
What he’s saying to me here is he wants to say something in the right way so that someone finally gets it. Let him be the one to give that person the epiphany. I mean, Jesus is the one that will truly set them free but I get it. He wants to be the right messenger at the right time. So do I. I pray every day that God’s light will shine through me.
You know, the infamous “they” that says things? “They say…” Well they have a “Rule of 7” and they say we need hear things seven times before we will consider taking action. 7!
My pastor used to say people ran the spectrum of a yardstick as it pertained to their relationship to Jesus. Some were really far away and you might move them a millimeter closer to Jesus. Some might really close and just needed a last little bit of encouragement. I thought that was profound, and it also applies to so many other areas in life.
For my role as a coach, that means you need to hear “It’s not all about the scale,” seven times before you’ll stop thinking it is the only measure of your success. You might need to hear that “Your home is a living space not a storage space,” seven times before you decide to conquer that clutter once and for all. So, maybe I’ll be the seventh person to say that and set you free. That’s what this line means to me.

I will give them every part of me
Put my heart where everyone can see

This line just means I’ll be real, authentic and hold nothing back. I’ll give all I have and then I’ll have nothing to worry about and no regrets. I will do everything in my power to use my gifts to help others. Even if it means being out on a ledge on my own. Even if it means wearing my heart on my sleeve.

They can call me whatever they want
Call me crazy
You can call me whatever you want
But that won’t change me
I just don’t care what the world says
I’m gonna make it
They can call me whatever they want
So what if I am, crazy

I just love the chorus. It’s fun to listen to! More than that, it is just my life. I mean people literally call me crazy all the time. But that’s probably more to do with my volume and silliness than anything.
But then again, sometimes maybe it’s because I meal prep every weekend or that I make my husband breakfast, lunch and dinner most days. Maybe it’s because I run and workout almost everyday. I’ve been called crazy because I get up at 5am by choice. I’ve not been called crazy for going to church, so that’s nice. Maybe people think I’m crazy because I own my own business? Because I don’t make plans on Sunday? Because I completely schedule my life out (so I can have freedom, hello). Oh, and I’ve gotten a few glances whilst singing and dancing in the car.
It all comes down to what my other pastor Craig Groeschel says so much he wrote a book about it:
Take a look at normal. I see a lot of problems. Debt. Depression. Resentment. Busyness. Those are just a few things. I don’t want to be normal!!

Oh Lord
This is so much harder than I thought
But I will give them everything I’ve got
One day I am gonna prove them wrong

It doesn’t matter what thing you set out to do, it’s probably going to be harder than you thought. Oh, you imagined it would be hard, sure. But now you’re up for the third time at 3am and covered in spit up. Or you’ve just hit half a mile and you can barely lift your legs. Or you’re about to hit five years of marriage and you don’t recognize the couple you’ve become. But you just keep digging deeper, keep giving, keep making inch-by-inch progress.

Prove them wrong? Well, I’m a little hesitant about the idea of “haters.” I think we sometimes make these haters up in our head. Or we think that people who simply disagree with us are haters.


I actually think sometimes WE are our biggest critics. The voices in our head can be really mean. We say things to ourselves we would never say to our friends. WE are the ones we need to prove wrong. WE are that voice of negativity or self-doubt that needs to be proven wrong.

And we can.

And we shall.

To sum up, we (I) desire to

  • Use powerful words and we need to ask for help from above.
  • Make our words and idea count & matter.
  • we want out word to help others breakthrough.
  • We give it our all, authentically (#realtalk) and we are out there, exposed.
  • Normal is boring, crazy is good.
  • It’s tough, but we are tougher. We can do it!

So what do you think? Did you enjoy my lyrics criticism (as in discussion, not being critical)? Have you heard this song?

As always, if you want to hear more or work together, just fill out below!


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