Fierce Faith Friday: Have you even prayed about it bro?

When it comes to the problems we face in life, there’s a lot we can control. We can control how we react and being proactive. Flipping our perspective from frustration over a situation to taking action can ease the burden a bit.

Then again, sometimes there’s really not much we can control. Sometimes in life there really isn’t much you can do. Sometimes problems present themselves and the wheel of emotions start spinning so fast. Feeling like anxiety, frustration, worry, anger and sadness take over.  We get so wrapped up in a thing that the simplest, and most powerful, solution eludes us: prayer.

It’s like, have you even prayed about it bro?

Years ago, I would’ve rolled my eyes at that. Not because it’s obvious but because it wouldn’t annoyed me. That’s all well and good, bless your heart, you’re so sweet but I know action is what’s needed.

Now I know that the first response to a problem needs to be prayer. Prayer brings about mental clarity, sets intention in the right emotion and lets loose powerful forces on your behalf. Not to mention it lifts a weight off of your shoulders. And it works. There have just been so many situations where I just wasn’t enough. But God. God can move mountains.

We know this, we believe this. For some reason, though, we don’t turn to prayer as an answer. At least not at first. Personally, it’s almost comical. I’ll be thinking about a problem, racking my brain about what to do about it and then it’s like:

did (1)

Oh, duh! I’m like, yeah, didn’t even cross my mind. You see, we often bring big things up in prayer. We bring certain things up habitually, daily maybe. But the little things, the new things, the minute things, the unexpected things, the shocking things, those hit us outside of those habits and sometimes we default into worry, planning, sadness, anxiety. But if it’s worth worrying about it, it’s worth praying about. In fact, worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen. And that’s just silly.

We also sometimes let our tongues run loose about something. We’re complaining, we’re gossiping, we’re fretting, we’re spreading. It’s human, it happens. In those moments, again, I ask:

did (1)

It’s a gentle reminder to all of us because we need it. We need that thought interruption: have I even prayed about it? Have I prayed about it as much as I’ve worried about it? Have I prayed about it as much as I’ve talked about it? Have I even prayed about it bro?

If this happens to you, I invite you to print this question out and stick it somewhere to remind you to interrupt those thoughts with prayer next time. have you even

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