10 ways to encourage your child

I’m so excited to be running my first group of ladies through my 4Es Journal for Moms. The 4Es are Embrace, Encourage, Empower and Enjoy. That’s the good stuff about motherhood!

Today in the group we’re talking about Encouraging our children. With that in mind I want to chat with you about 10 ways to encourage your child:

  1. Praise hard work. As in praise effort, not just success or natural ability.
    1. You’re working really hard on this project.
    2. Not everyone can run as fast, but not everyone is trying as hard as you either.
  2. Tell them something you’re grateful for about them.
    1. I’m so grateful that you are such a good hugger. It makes me feel all ooey gooey inside.
    2. I’m so grateful you are so funny. You always make me laugh.
  3. Express what you find unique about them.
    1. The fact that you love math is neat. Sometimes I wish I could love it like you.
    2. Your drawings are so creative and colorful, not everyone has an imagination like that.
  4. Positively reinforce good decisions.
    1. I am so proud that you did your chores without me asking!
    2. Thank you for coming right inside when I called you. I was so relieved I didn’t have to say it more than once.
  5. Get specific: tell them WHY & HOW what they did was good, smart or creative, not just that it was those things.
    1. Not everyone would have thought to write a letter to their friend to make them feel better. Your kind heart is somethign really special about you.
    2. The fact that you set up that tent shows you have a brain that can solve problems and figure out hard puzzles. Sometimes people give up when it gets hard, but you didn’t!
  6. Encourage the process, not just after it’s complete. Give praise that is not contingent on results or completion.
    1. I know it’s taking you weeks to learn how to do a cartwheel. I’m really proud of you for sticking with it.
    2. No matter what happens at the science fair, I think it’s really cool that you had this idea and wanted to share it with others.
  7. Set goals with them and encourage each milestone.
    1. If you save up $20 you can buy those cards. How long will that take you? Can you save $5 a month? Wow! You have earned $10 so far, you’re half way to your goals.
    2. You can learn that routine in one month if you practice for 10 minutes each day.
  8.  Remind them of how far they’ve come.
    1. Remember how you used to think running was so hard? Now you can run an entire mile without stopping!
    2. Remember when you could only sound out letters and now you can read this entire book!
  9. Imagine their future with them and relate it to why what they’re doing now is important.
    1. Won’t it be so cool when you can read your favorite books by yourself whenever you want? That’s why we are studying these words now!
    2. Won’t it be cool to be able to swim with the big kids this summer? That’s why working hard at these swim lessons really matters.
  10. Tell them how what they’ve done has impacted others.
    1. You being such a good girl at brushing your teeth has made your sister want to brush her teeth too. Now she’ll have good habits and probably not get cavities, all because of you!
    2. When you gave Daddy a hug before he left, it really made him feel loved before he goes for a hard day’s work.


What are some examples you can implement in your life right now?

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