Fierce Faith Friday: What’s in your sack?

I am SO excited about this week’s Fierce Faith Friiiiday! I got the inspiration for it on Wednesday, wrote it down then lost it. Guess what? The parable the idea comes from just happened to come up in my reading today. Oh God, you’re so good like that.

So, without further ado: What’s in your sack?

In Matthew 25, Jesus gives us the parable of the talents. Basically, the master gives his three servants bags of silver, all different amounts, in proportion to their abilities. Then he goes away and we see how the servants do. One invests his large amount and doubles it. The other invests his medium amount and doubles it as well. The last servant dug a hole in the ground and hid the silver because he was afraid he would lose it and because he was afraid of the consequences. The master’s super excited about the work the first two servants has done and gives them praise and more responsibilities. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work out so well for the other guy.

You know the moral of the story right? You should be using what you’ve been given as an investment! What does that look like for you?

What has God put in your sack? What’s your silver? We are each uniquely designed with certain abilities. What are yours? Identifying what’s in your sack is the first step!

Sometimes it’s hard to figure this part out. If that’s the case, I want you to ask those around your what they think you’re unique good at. Or ask yourself what it is people are always coming to you for or asking your advice about. You’ll find some clues.

*Or* if you’re like me you might know what you’re good at, you just fight it. You might struggle with feelings of inadequacy or feeling unqualified (Who-Am-I syndrome.) You might also be afraid to step out. So you act like you don’t know what’s in your sack or you confuse yourself about what’s in your sack. But you have a duty to use what’s in your sack, not to bury your sack in the ground because you’re afraid. God gave you whatever’s in your sack on purpose. It wasn’t an accident. We, the world, need what is in your sack.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 2.33.42 PMIn fact, I want you to print this out here and fill in the blanks. Write out what’s in your sack and stick it somewhere you can see it everyday to remind yourself to invest it into the world.

Your abilities come with responsibilities. That sack has consequences that can be good or bad. This parable concludes with a serious call to action:

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. M25:29

Are you using what’s in your sack? What’s so awesome about this is that the sack that never ends. God filled it up and is waiting for you to use it. But, read that last line! Once you start using it, it just breeds into more and more. Abundance. More is given to you! Your sack will overfloweth y’all!

Your bag is like Mary’s. The more you use, the more you’ll find. Lots of room in there. 😉

I’ll conclude with one of my favorite quotes from a lesser book but one I love.

“We need smart people with huge hearts and creative minds to manifest all the wealth, resources, and support they need to make their difference in the world.”

Jen Sincero is speaking that bible verse in You Are A Bada$$ and she doesn’t even know it. The idea is this: imagine if everyone in the world was walking around using what’s in their sack? What would that world look like? Jen’s quote speaks to the same end as what Jesus is calling us too, just without the weight of eternity, which is kind of a big deal.

You are a smart person. Whatever is in your sack is your unique gift from God and it’s your duty to invest it in the world and hey! The how is your way of being creative. Then you get more (#abundance). Who doesn’t want abundance?

I’ll tell you it can be a little scary. When you step out on faith and start really using what’s in your sack, you will see this truth manifest in your life. Things will flow, opportunities will come. Your sack will runneth over! You might be overwhelmed but just remember that’s God’s plan. He gives us just what we can handle to our ability and then keeps adding as our abilities grow. You know, you were created for such a time as this.

So. Start by figuring out what’s in your sack. Then get about the business of investing it in this world! Then take note when God gives you more and continue to invest that too!

(PS: I wrote sack 19 times in this, just sayin’)

One thought on “Fierce Faith Friday: What’s in your sack?

  1. This is awesome. Great application and reminder! Love how this ties in with personality studies to find out “what’s in our sack.”


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