Build a butt

Happy Monday! Today I went for a fun 5k and then worked my booty. I used to add in booty workouts during other workouts. These days, I dedicate a day to them often. Why?

Because they die a little every time we sit (which is a lot).

Because they’re aesthetically pleasing (hello!).

And because the the gluteus Maximus is the most powerful muscle in the body!

Few things about working the 🍑.

1. Most of Instagram is fake. And yet, you CAN #buildabutt you can be proud of!

2. It’s harder to build than other muscles because we sit on ours all day. No really. Those glutes are dead or at least hard to find.

3. It’s not vain to build a butt. Your glutes are prime mover for MANY basic movement functions so when they are underdeveloped (as they are for most of us) that causes a lot of other problems including back pain.

Try some of the moves I’ve shown you here. 3×10 each. Or contact me and let’s work together!!

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