Morning Mojo

I accomplish a lot most days with a pretty good attitude.

But it hasn’t always been that way. What has made it possible is my morning routine. They way you do your morning sets the tone for your entire day and it’s really important to be intentional, especially if you have goals and want to live the life you desire.

It’s no secret that the most successful people in the world have a morning routine. It’s part of the secret sauce in success. I want to be successful, so I emulate those who have gone before me. I pay attention to the clues they leave and try to put things that make sense into action in my life.

Without further ado, let me just tell you exactly how most of my mornings go:

  1. Wake up @ 5am.
  2. Pray.
  3. Get dressed & ready.
  4. Warm water w/ lemon.
  5. Bible/devo/journal.
  6. To do list.
  7. Eat the frog.

Now, let’s break that down a little more.

Wake up @ 5am.

No one wants to wake up at 5am at first. I get it. You can be a morning person if you want to be. It starts with going to bed on time. Getting to sleep and staying asleep can be tough. There are habits you can put in place to aid in that (exercise, eating healthy, journaling, reading, etc).

Getting up at 5am makes the difference between you owning your day and your day owning you. Getting up at 5am means you control the first bit of your day. Not your kids, not your job. You. For most of us, any later and we’re in a constant state just trying to get the next thing done, to answer the next demand, to meet the next deadline.

Getting up early puts you ahead of schedule. And it allows you a little breathing room to DO YOU before the chaos begins. It allows you to be intentional about your day instead of reacting to it.


My pastor taught me to slide out of bed so the first thing that hits the floor is your knees. Even if you’re not a Jesus follower, you can benefit from this practice. Starting the day in a little silence, with gratitude, with intention and by putting your priorities in place increases the odds you’re going to have an awesome day.

Get dressed & ready.

I get dressed first thing. It increases the likelihood I’ll actually do what needs to be done. Having clothes and shoes on means I’m ready for whatever the day throws my way. I feel empowered. I also brush my hair and throw on some lipstick. Gurrrl, you’re ready to nail the day!

Warm water with lemon.

Warm water with lemon is the first thing I put in my body in the morning. It’s a nice, gentle wake up call for your digestive system. Lemon is also detoxifying and such. Did you know  you’re actually dehydrated after sleeping all night? So, I rehydrate and get your day started right!

Bible, devo & journal.

Every morning I read something that makes my brain and heart grow. I write about it and about the day before. It’s what works for me. You have to workout at the mental gym, y’all. The brain is the strongest muscle in your body! It also keeps me mentally clear and focussed when I do this.

To do list.

As I’m journaling and reading and such, I throw whatever comes to my head on my to do list. Now, realize you can only accomplish like 5 things a day, so don’t go crazy. I’m intentional about what I’m going to accomplish that day. I keep my to do list in my planner, which I take everywhere with me and check things off as I go. I even put givens on there sometimes to make me feel better. Brush teeth. Nailed it.

Eat the frog.

Currently, I’m writing a book so writing for 30 minutes first thing in the morning is the frog I need to eat. Eat the frog is a way of saying do the hardest and most necessary thing of the day first so that you get it over with and make progress on your goals. For someone else this might be working out, it might be a project around the house or it might be a sales pitch. Whatever it is, get it in as early as you can and then pat yourself on the back. You’ve already done the hardest thing of the day!

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