How not to ruin Mother’s Day (tips for moms & dads)

I’d like to talk to you about this amazing thing that’s coming up: National Mother Gratitude day.

There are some that think it’s just a day Hallmark made up. That’s fine. It’s also a day you can on purpose show some appreciation for all mom does. There is ZERO harm that can come from that!

And yet, I want to share with you some really interesting ideas as we get ready to celebrate Sunday.

First up, Moms let me throw this idea at you:

When people take you for granted, it’s a compliment to your consistency. -Steven Furtick

That’s such a mind blower. Personally, I still get upset when Chris doesn’t immediately compliment me on a meal I’ve cooked. You see, in my head, I’ve worked hard and just yesterday I learned how to cook. I’m still a little insecure there. In Chris’ head, I’ve been cooking for 14 years and at least like half of the way through that I stopped burning stuff so much. To him, it’s not an unusual occurrence for me to cook him good food. I’ve been so consistent at it, lately, that he does take it for granted. Rewind a few years and he complimented me every time I made something because we were both pleasantly surprised that I could do such a thing.

Think about any area that you feel that you’re taken for granted. You probably don’t realize that you’re so awesome, you’re so consistent that no one even thinks to compliment you on it. It’s just you, it’s just how you roll.

Also, as moms we are not doing the work we are dong for a compliment. We are doing it 1) because it’s the right thing to do and 2) because we have high personal standards. At the very least we want our kids to look like they have a mother and are not homeless. The annoying stuff you have to do, the dishes, the vacuuming, the laundry. You do it because you have high personal standards to live in a home where those things are done. You do it because living in a home where those things are done is its own reward.

That being said, it’s time to talk to dads.

Dads, here’s another awesome quote from Pastor Furtick:

What is consistently taken for granted is eventually taken away.

That one speaks for itself. So, treat Mother’s day as your insurance policy. You’re going to prove you don’t take it for granted so hard that you reduce the risk it’s going to be taken away!

Now, dads there are a few things you may not understand.

Mom is never not needed. Mom is never unneeded. She’s always in demand or always on call. All day, every day. Your job on Mother’s Day is to help her feel carefree. To help her feel like she’s not needed, just wanted. Okay?

The other thing you may not realize is mom never gets to do what she wants to do. No, mom is always yielding to the wants and desires of others. We don’t go there because he doesn’t like it. We don’t go there because it’s too fancy. We don’t watch this because no one likes 80s movies. Whatever it is, she most likely does not do it because she is making sure everyone else is happy. So your job is to make sure she gets to do what she wants, no strings attached, today! I’ve got a planner here for you to download to avoid this problem. Download it, print it out and follow it.

There is one problem with that. Moms!!! You need to communicate what you want, very specifically and very directly. Love our men but they aren’t so good at the guessing game. What they are good at is following detailed, well laid out instructions. They will do what we ask, if we ask. Many times we hint, we hope, we don’t lay it out because we’re afraid to seem selfish. That’s not serving anyone, so JUST ASK. In fact, I’ve created a planner for you in order to circumvent this communication error (click here to print it).

One last tip: Don’t leave mom with a Mother’s Day Hangover. No, that’s not from the mimosas. What happens is on mom’s “day off” no one picks up her slack. And then it’s Monday morning and the house is a wreck, no one has clean clothes to wear and the sink is full of dishes. That’s not fair and it’s the opposite of what you probably want out of Mother’s Day. So dads, I IMPLORE YOU, do not make this mistake! No Mother’s Day Hangovers this year, okay!!!

Here’s another free printable for the kiddos that will be fun for mom to receive!


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