Fierce Faith Friday: Praise Wagon

I love the Dixie Chicks. I know they’re controversial, but I fell for them well before all of that nonsense. They have this song called “Sin Wagon.” It inspires the name of this idea. The idea is simple: turn your car into a jukebox of positivity. Relegate all noise coming out of the car speakers to something that makes you feel happy, that is uplifting, that makes you feel like singing and dancing. I play my favorite praise songs so much that my 3-year-old knows them all by heart now. That’s a long way coming from a girl who realized her 4-year-old knew the words to S&M by Rihanna. Oops.


Pastor Steven Furtick did a series on Functional Faith which I loved (duh, I’m also a personal trainer!) and this is a method, to me, that puts my faith into action. This method helps to inject a little joy, keep you in a state of positivity and hopefully praise and thankfulness. It’s an easy discipline to put into practice and you’ll find that it helps at those times you need most. If you’re taking the kids to the carpool, there’s a slight possibility the rush out the door or the waiting in line brings non-joy-sparking feelings. Am I right? That’s why we turn the car into a praise wagon. To reset that mood. Or maybe you’re commuting from work. We all know how relaxing and peaceful that is. NOT! But, turning your car into a praise wagon is one way to make it more enjoyable. Plus, it’s slightly harder to flip someone off if your stereo is saying “Jesus” or even if Taylor Swift is loudly commanding you to shake it off.

Personally, I know sometimes I’m just grumpy. I’m like that Jodi Messina song, “I just want to be mad for awhile.” But, if I can just force myself to turn something positive on, and believe me sometimes that’s really hard, it’s crazy how dramatically my mood can shift. Everyone benefits too. I’m just a nicer person, mom, wife and driver on the road.

Do you have a praise wagon? How about a praise playlist? Here’s two of mine, Christian version and secular. What songs would be on yours? I love new music!

When you need to turn that mood around, use the praise wagon concept!


Just wanted to share a cute moment. Today Ayla discovered a photo had come off of her sister’s collage that was in the car for some reason.

“Melanie is going to be so angry.”

“Mom can you put on Jesus?”

…(Tremble by Mosaic🎶)

Before the song was done:

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