Why jumpstart?

JUMPSTART (3)When I started my business 2.5 years ago I had zero struggle when it came to naming it! No back and forth, no wondering, no grinding my teeth. Jumpstart was always the name, from the word go.

You see, I knew then what I’m even more convinced of now: fitness is like a gateway drug to improving your life. Yes, like going to college and getting your hair did, fitness is an form of self-improved society has accepted. Therefore, many women find themselves trying it out at least once.

Now, for those who stick with it for just a little while, they tend to get hooked. They get addicted to the feeling of working hard, of getting results, of believing in themselves, of taking care of themselves, of confidence. Those feelings open the door for other areas of improvement. It’s like a jumpstart to a better life.

You see, I believe there are four areas in life that we, as women, can level up in order to “have it all.” Those areas are: mind, body, home & relationships.

You see, I have friends who are just amazing moms/homemakers and they inspire me every time I’m around them. Their homes are beautifully decorated, their kids have manners and even have their hair brushed every. Single. Day. They know how to host a get together flawlessly. It’s awesome. But those same moms might also not be taking care of themselves at all. Their health, fitness and even simple self care is the last thing on the list which means it probably never happens. I’ve learned that is not sustainable. Sooner or later your health is going to catch up with you. And that means you won’t be able to serve the family and home in the way that you love to.

I also have friends who are basically running a small business with their travel-pick-a-sport schedules and logistics. It’s incredible to watch and their family seems so happy. But their homes are a wreck. I mean, who has time or the emotional capacity for that when you haven’t been home more than one night a week or one weekend a month?

Then there’s the friends who are crushing their fitness but their marriages are falling apart.

You see the trend. I believe all four of these areas are what we need to have it all. To have the Cinderella story. Now, I don’t believe that’s necessarily the castle and the prince. I believe it’s joy, passion, peace and contentment. That’s my heart for every woman.

Sometimes women are crushing it in one area and just need a little help in another. Other times, I help in multiple areas.

I recently heard a woman on a podcast say that she likes to see a task or project through all the way to the end. I like to see a woman all the way to the end. If she comes into my life through fitness but she needs help getting her home in order, I’m her huckleberry. If she comes into my life because she needs mindset training, most often we’re going to end up with time management. I can’t not help. I want to see women all the way through.

That’s why I help women catch up so they can keep up and then level up. That’s what I do. All the way through to their best selves.

What do you need a jumpstart in?

Book your coaching session now.

What do you get?

  • A 30 minute call with me (this is all about you!)
  • A personalized action plan (this is all about YOUR life)

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What do you do?

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