Mother’s Day afterglow

I’ve said this three days in a row to three different friends. Well, three’s a charm so now you’re going to hear it. It’s all about the Mother’s Day afterglow.

Someone I LOVE LOVE LOVE posted on Sunday night (Mother’s Day) how amazing her weekend was. She cataloged how she and her family when to lunch and a movie on Saturday. Sunday was spent at church and at the beach, all the way until the sun set. Then they came home, had showers, craft time and she snuggled with her hubs for a bit.

She ended the post by saying that weekend was so NEEDED in her life and how refreshed she felt.

It reminded me of what I had told Chris the day before. Every weekend should be like Mother’s Day weekend. Okay, that’s extravagant, but hear me out.

Every weekend your family should pitch in and help you out. Maybe you will have to do a little bit more than what you did on Mother’s Day, but they really can help too. A lot. (PS, I can help you with that)

Every weekend your family should be so not busy that you can enjoy each other, enjoy the slow pace of life without the hustle and bustle. (PS, I can help you with that)

Every weekend should include time outdoors, not rushing from indoor to indoor. (PS, I can help you with that)

Every weekend should include time for you to be creative and pursue your passions. (PS, I can help you with that)

Every weekend should include time for you and your spouse to have time alone an unburdened. (PS, I can help you with that)

Over here at our house, we don’t make plans on Sunday other than to go to church. Every Sunday we have plans to not have plans. It allows us for leisurely outdoor adventures, laying around together, playing games, relaxing or whatever we want.

Over here at our house, everyone helps reset the house on Saturday morning so we can enjoy it all weekend.

Over here at our house, Saturday is my official no-cooking breakfast day. The kids and hubs either fend for themselves or bring home breakfast.

Over here at our house, there is a scheduled marriage meeting that kids are not allowed to interrupt every weekend. They are responsible for entertaining themselves. We are responsible for communicating, enjoying each other’s company and dreaming about our future.

We don’t really exchange much in the way of gifts on Mother’s Day, so the idea of every weekend being Mother’s Day isn’t going to break the bank. Yet, it does involve being intentional with our scarcest resource: time.

Choosing to block your time out and just relax, enjoy each other and the luxury of nothing to do is…a choice. Choosing other things is a choice. What do your weekend choices say you prioritize?

Moreover, the glow my friend felt after that weekend is available to us more than just one day a year. Why do we feel we only deserve one day to feel refreshed and full-hearted?

Many times we feel like we need an escape from life. What if, instead, we built a life we didn’t feel the need to escape from? What if you had your ideal day more often? What if you had bits and pieces of your ideal day scattered throughout your everyday?

Imagine a world where moms were walking around feeling refreshed, appreciated, loved and overflowing with warmth and happiness!

I’m a realist, I know that we can’t have the perfect day or perfect weekend every weekend. But we have a LOT more power than we think to create and design a life that we love and that has us all feeling that afterglow.

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