Fierce Faith Friday: It’s already been broughten

Today is a very short Fierce Faith Friday. Let’s begin by looking at the scripture:

God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.   -Philippians 2:13

Here’s what really awesome about this verse: it’s present tense. It’s action tense.

God isn’t going to work in you. He hasn’t stopped working in you. He IS working.

We have to make room for that work. We have to allow time for that work.

What is it you’re working toward? Where is it you feel stuck? Where is it you feel lost or unsatisfied? What are you complaining or criticizing about?

The good news is God is developing IN YOU the desire and the power to reach your goal, to overcome the obstacle. That’s really good news because that means you don’t have to wait on other people. And you don’t have to wait on God. It’s already been broughten.

What may be a little more frustrating is the idea that God is changing you from the inside out. It might not be tangible and you might not want your desire changed. That’s tough. I used to want a great military career. Instead I got a desire to be an excellent mother. Wait, WHAT? That was not my plan God! I didn’t have the desire to be a mom and I CERTAINLY, as a only child who never once babysat, did not have the “power.”

It’s okay though because I’m TOTALLY happy about it and honestly, pretty much crushing it. Haha.

These days I see the vision God has for my life. I’m impatient. I feel unqualified. But I feel real peace and happiness knowing that God is ALREADY working in me. He’s ALREADY working me from the inside out to give me the right desire AND the power to make it happen.

It’s already been broughten!


One thought on “Fierce Faith Friday: It’s already been broughten

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