The Responsibility of Self-Care

If you haven’t heard about self-care lately, then you’ve been living under a rock. And unless that rock is a heated stone for your massage, you’re doing it wrong.

Self-care is a trendy term and concept these days but it’s a really simple concept: take care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself, especially for women, seems to be something we need reminding of. A lot. Taking care of ourselves is typically at the bottom of our to do list, which is a big no no.

Most of the words we see about self-care mirror the idea that you owe it to yourself. That’s true. You definitely do. Today, though, I want to implore you to take care of yourself from another point of you.

It’s your responsibility.

If you’re serving your family drained, empty, tired, anxious and stressed, you’re probably not serving them the way you want to. Sure, there’s a lot to do and a lot expected from us. That’s why we need a lot of good stuff going in (not talking wine here) so we can meet those expectations without feeling so drained. Because we’re so busy, as moms and as wives we often turn to our kids and spouses to be that good stuff. Unfortunately, that puts too much pressure on our families to fill holes they simply can’t fill. We lean on our children and our spouses for our own fulfillment and happiness. And while they can certainly provide some of that, it is simply not fair to depend on them for all of it. It’s not fair not only because they cannot meet that expectation but it’s also not fair because they deserve a mom and a wife that is fulfilled, charged and happy!

Are you living life that way? Do you feel energetic & strong? Do you feel full of power, love and self-discipline?

Do you feel that way? If you don’t, you need to put a serious priority on self-care. It is your responsibility ALONE to ensure you’re up for the tasks that lay before you. No one else can do that for you.

Funnily enough, getting to the point where you do feel up to the tasks set before you, where you do feel strong and energetic requires doing some stuff you might actually enjoy. 

You see, self-care is doing stuff you want to do. Many times we wind up doing what everyone else wants us to do. We convince ourselves that there isn’t time or space available for us to take time to do what we want.

But we’re wrong. Most of the time, we haven’t asked for it. Specifically. And then followed through by doing it. This is so tricky because many times we’ll be on the way out the door when calamity strikes!

Other times we simply haven’t made it a priority.

Other times we have convinced ourselves we’re too indispensable. Well, actually, the family really needs to learn to live without you a bit mom. Not too long because the house might burn down while you’re gone, but long enough that they learn to stand on their own feet, not mom’s shoulders. You are indispensable but your family will survive and everyone will be better for it.

Why? Because the family will have learned they can do some things even without mom. You’ll return from self-care recharged and ready to love on them some more. It’s a win-win. Your tank will be more full, you will be able to pour into others even more than before!

The takeaway: It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself (self-care). Stop putting yourself on the bottom of your to-do list.

That’s why I help women catch up so they can keep up and then level up. That’s what I do. All the way through to their best selves.

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