Time to plan June!

Alright folks. It’s June. It’s half way through the year! Let’s start the month together by being intentional. Here’s a quick planner sheet I want you to print out with me and plan to win this month!

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 7.34.40 AM.png


My monthly focus is:

  • Starting @ YMCA
  • Business building
  • Kids finishing school

Dates to remember:

  • Father’s Day
  • Boat Club Concert
  • Last day of school
  • Mastermind meeting


  • 10 free speech & teaches
  • Family Code Workbook & Video Course
  • Teachable back up & running
  • Lose 5 pounds
  • $$$ to Retirement fund

I’d love for you to use this simple sheet and visualize what your month is going to look like! Post in comments what your goals & focus is!

Book your coaching session now and let’s make a plan together.

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